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Health and safety task

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    We also have a responsibility to be vigilant when we are working within health and safety hazards. We should also report any hazards we see that can pose a risk for example a wet floor, this should be reported somewhere safe. We have to be knowledgeable about the health and safety requirements in a setting for example where to go if there is a fire in a school. Policies should also be followed in a setting regarding to the health and safety of individuals. THE WASH REQUIREMENTS 1974 There are many requirements for the WASH.

    One requirement for the WASH is that there should be safe lifting and handling. There should also be safe training for employees and good standards of heating ND ventilation. There should be safe disposal of chemical waste, this is when chemical waste is placed in a separate bag and there should be very high standards of hygiene e. G. Washing hands, nails clean, having hair up when preparing food. Food preparation techniques should also be correct and there should be fire safety training and procedure e. G. Regular checks on the fire alarm and enough fire escape doors.

    Infections should also be controlled. HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 The health and safety act is an act which ensures that the workplace is in a safe and secure environment. It also ensures that there is access ability and safe equipment to use, this should also be regularly checked. Workers in a workplace should also be appropriately trained and must keep up to date with any information in order to keep service users and employers safe. REGULATIONS APPLIED TO SETTINGS AS A RESULT There are many regulations which are applied to settings.

    These are: The food safety act 1990 Food safety hygiene regulations 1995 Manual handling operations regulations Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations (1995) The data protection act (1998) Management of health and safety at work regulations (1999) Care home regulations (2001 ) Control of substances hazardous to health (2002) Civil contingencies act (2004) Care minimum standards INFLUENCES ON POLICY Organizations policies and procedures should combine all the key points of the health and safety law.

    These points include health and safety, safeguarding, lone working, food safety, fire prevention and evacuation procedures, cleaning, security, waste disposal, reporting of accidents and dispensing and storing medicines. COACH MI) Describe how health and safety legislation, policies and reoccurred promote the safety of individuals in a health and social care setting Meaning: COACH means Control of substances hazardous to health What does this mean in practice? Hazardous substances should be stored in a high and locked cupboard so it is out of reach, this is important because no individuals can get the hazardous substances.

    It is all staffs responsibility and staff should receive training on this subject each year. There are many policies I have seen which relates to COACH guidelines for example signs such as chemical substances in science classes and cleaning product signs on locked scabbards, here are also different colored bins for nappies. RIDER Meaning: Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 2013. Any accidents which occur in a setting must be documented and reported.

    Outbreak of illnesses which post a threat to patients and staff must be reported to the health and safety executive and any illnesses seen must be documented and reported. Certain illnesses also need to be reported to the health and safety executive. Illnesses and accidents should be reported because individuals will get better and be protected from any other illnesses and accidents. THE DATA PROTECTION ACT The data protection act ensures that peoples information stays confidential and not reveled with anyone without permission. This has to stay confidential whether its written, electronically stored or spoken.

    This policy influences confidentiality and if any confidentiality in a workplace is broken then the individual who broke the confidentiality would go to court and will be chucked out of the setting they were currently in. MANUAL HANDLING OPERATIONS REGULATIONS The manual handling operations regulations require that all staff in a workplace need to be trained in moving or handling any procedures, this will include the fatty of assisting the service users for example helping a women/man in a care home get in the bath or help a old women/man get out of bed.

    The manual handling operations regulations also ensures that moving of equipment is in safe practice for example equipment will have to be checked to see if working in the right condition. Manual handling training is important because it ensures the safety of service users and it ensures no service users get hurt. Before any equipment is used the equipment must be ensured that it is plugged in and fully charged. Before and after equipment is used it should be cleaned and checked to e if it is safe to use.

    If equipment is not working it should be checked to see if it is broke and then should be moved by two people. FOOD SAFETY ACT AND FOOD SAFETY All individuals that work with food must have a food hygiene certificate because it ensures that individual is capable of handling and preparing food safely. This is a regulation as it also ensures that the individual has all the knowledge of how the food should be stored and how to keep it in a safe and hygienic environment this includes the waste being disposed safely and appropriately. CARE HOMES 2001

    The care home regulations are in place to ensure that all care homes receive inspections which are regular, this will be carried out by the care quality commission. It is important that care homes receive regular checks because it ensures the care home is meeting the policies and regulations. It is also important because it ensures people are in positive care, safe, treated equal and treated well. When inspectors come to care homes they will be checking how the staff are with the service users, how the staff manage and handle situations, the cleanness in the home and hygiene in the kitchen and bedrooms etc. CIVIL

    CONTINGENCIES ACT The civil contingencies act is in place to ensure that all public services are trained to deal and manage with the public emergencies for example a house fire, car crash etc. There are many people who work in public services for example nurses, doctors, fire services and police services etc. A major public emergency will be seen as severe weather such as flooding and drought, terrorism, structural failure, health epidemics and pandemics and fires in the environment and crashes on the road etc. Public services keep their skills up to date by taking part in relevant training. MANAGEMENT OF AT WORK

    Management of health and safety at work regulations ensures that both the employees and employers are accountable and knowledgeable for the safety of others and themselves in their care. All the staff also need to ensure that they are aware and trained of all the health and safety policies within the setting they are placed in. Staff also need to know the procedures to follow to minimize the risks in the workplace for example risk assessment of trips and fire safety policies. When a school trip is planned there should be enough staff for the children, the staff must be aware how many children there is and there should be consent forms.

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