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Health and Wealth Essay

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What is heath? The World Health Organization defined that “Health is not only the physical absence of disease, but also have mental health, social and moral well-adapted. ” We generally refers to health is physical health and mental health. How to maintain physical health ,as far as we know, we need a balanced diet, adequate exercise and sleep to improve our physical fitness. .How to stay mental health I think that the appropriate emotional management plays a important role in it, that means when we want to cry ,we can cry aloud, we even can consult psychological clinic.

What is wealth? Wealth means different things to different people.

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Health and Wealth
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Some people think that wealth is the “universal” in the money. Some people think that “Health is Wealth”. But there are common agreements that wealth must include these important factors such as being happy, healthy, and living in harmony with family and others. I think Wealth means:Wisdom, Ethics, Attitude, Love, Think, and Health.

How to know whether you are truly wealthy? Ask yourself, are you living a balanced and successful lifestyle and at the end of the day can you say you are happy, your conscience is clear and you can sleep peacefully knowing you’ve been true to yourself and others?

Check on yourself and review the time and effort you put into these important areas: Mental, Physical, Social, Financial, and working with Universal Laws such as caring, sharing and giving. Speaking of health and wealth, different people have different opinions.. Some people believe that wealth is everything,with which can help them realize their dreams. Wealth can buy beautiful houses, expensive cars and beautiful clothes,and so on. They even thought, money can buy spiritual happiness. On the other hand, some other people don’t agree with those people just mentioned .

They believe that Healthy is more important than wealth. Health means no disease, no pain and no sad. with a healthy body you can do what you want to do and enjoying oneself. So,in a word, keeping health first if you want become wealthy. It is well-known that a person can make a large fortune if he has the right opportunities during his life. But if the person suffers from a terrible illness, then no matter how much money he may earn, he will still lead a miserable life. Therefore, health is much more important than wealth.

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