Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Essay

Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
Millions of people today want to recuperate from an illness or medical procedure in the comfort of his or her home - Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Essay introduction. They desire to be independent while staying linked to their health care provider to feel confident in the quality and continuous care after discharge. With the help of a home health aide one can receive complete, cost-effective, quality care services within the comfort of one’s own home. The subjects addressed in this paper are few services and products offered from a home health aide, the workforce roles of the services, and how the workforce roles impact a health care organization. In closing, figure 1-1 will display the focal point of a home health aide. Home Health Aide

Home health aides help provide services to chronically ill, or cognitively impaired, elderly, convalescent, or homebound disabled people, who desire to remain in his or her home, hospital or in a residential care facility. Aides provide a service but along with their services they offer emotional and psychological support, and safety. Health aides assist and offer routine, personal health care needs such as grooming, toileting, ambulation, feeding, transferring, and bathing, also known as ADL (activities of daily living). In addition to providing IADL (instrumental activities of daily living) such as light housekeeping, assisting with shopping, appointments, laundry, meal preparation, and companionship. In some states, under the supervision of a nurse or other medical practitioner, an aide may be required to administer medication or check the client’s vital signs. Aides work in a variety of settings; most work in a client’s home, small group homes, or large care communities (BLS, 2012). They also collaborate with health care team members assigned to the client’s case. However, a client may not necessary need medical assistance but may desire the need for companionship.

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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
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Companion care is a non-medical need that people look forward to with or without the need of medical assistant. These services are taking a walk outdoors, reading a book, pleasant conversation, playing a game, listen to music to making a person smile. When a client call for these types of services an aide is hand selected who has a sense of humor, enjoys laughter, loves to listen and learn. These services may sound insignificant to others but to an elderly person it will enrich his or her spirit and leads him or her to a longer, healthier, and happier life. To provide a client with a long, healthier, and happier life an aide also needs to ensure a safe environment for him or her.

Each year, one in every three adult’s age 65 and older fall. Falls occur because of an environmental obstacle in the client’ home, in a facility or hospital setting (CDC, 2012). However, it is the responsibility of an aide to provide a safe environment and be aware of the below items. Burnt out light bulbs

Malfunctioning equipment

Defective furniture

Structure problems

Defective outlets

Loose, floor tiles

Faulty, call signals

Frayed, electrical cords

Loose or frayed carpeting

Beds or wheelchairs that
Will not lock

Spilled fluids
Unreachable items

When acknowledged take precaution and fix, clean, change or notify someone to take care of the situation. Workforce Roles  Workforce roles have to modify how it operates on various levels to deliver personal care, companionship, and safety. To enhance the quality of health care, they must shape a health care workforce devoted to caring for patients, educated, well trained, dedicated to constant quality improvement, assertive in the safety of their work, and skilled in caring for the diversity of the American people. Personal care should be constructed around the convenience and preferences of the patient and family. This helps increasing long-term wellness, reduce hospital visits and increase patient satisfaction with engaging in the services. Always involve patient and family members in discussions and decisions on the patients care plan. Personal care should be combined with the existing and upcoming care systems and facilities, hospitals to create effective partnerships with the public and patients in a way that provides the infrastructure primary care teams need to deliver quality care. Personal and companion care must reflect good patient outcomes and values that influence the accomplishment of goals for health. Provide effective communication among the primary health care team to combine properly the service demands and patient population needs. Focus on prevention and self-care.

Increase education, training, and skills to meet individual needs (Stone and Wiener, 2001).

Impact of the Roles on the Health Care Organizations
As the health system changes, training, and ongoing education challenges will transpire. The mixtures of health professionals making up the total health workforce have a considerable impact on the magnitude to which the available health professionals are capable of meeting the demands for health services. Therefore, the training and retraining in the voluntary, public, and private areas are necessary to prepare the workforce for new challenges and responsibilities. Even though some health workers had preparation in certain fields, many still lack training in management, political skills, and community organization and diagnosis (AHA, 2013). Health care organizations need adequate and competent workforce to bring high quality care and satisfaction to patients, and families. Innovative methods to educating and training the health care workforce are imperative if the industry is effectively to manage the increased demand for services while also reducing costs and improving quality (AHA, 2013). Nevertheless, important changes in the workforce roles are necessary to enhance the process of care, remove waste, and improve quality. Each team member has a role to play in the health of the patient, family, and community, and what benefits the patient helps reinforce the health care system.

Illustration of the Focal Point of a Health Care Aide

Home Health Aide
assist with ADL
provide safe enviroment
assist with IADL
deliver quality care
provide emotional & psychological support
collaborate with medical professional

Figure 1-1

As noted previously when someone needs help or can no longer do certain things on his or her own he or she will contact a home health aide. Home health aides are can assist the chronically ill, cognitively impaired, elderly, convalescent, or disabled without the loss of quality. With their complete range of services and products, which are tailored to fit the client’s lifestyle, he or she can become more involved in the patient’s care and help the patient feel more independent. Some services may be personal care to companionship but regardless of how big or little they are fulfilled with the awareness of proving a safe environment. Offering personal care, companionship, and a safe environment within the scope of practice helps build a stronger workforce geared more toward the patient and improves on quality of care but puts more trust and confidence in the health care organization.

American Hospital Association. (2013). Workforce Roles in a Redesigned Primary Care Model. Retrieved from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012). Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview. Retrieved from http://Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Stone, R., & Wiener, J. (2001). Who Will Care For Us? Addressing the Long-Term Care Workforce Crisis. Retrieved from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2012). Home Health and Personal Care Aides. Retrieved from

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