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“Healthy food Essay” paragraph for class 5

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    People may think this is the most efficient way to produce meat, when in fact the fficiency Of producing meat is not relevant to the amount Of abuse animals endure in the process. The government must regulate the animal cruelty present in America’s slaughterhouses that violate animal protection laws as well as endanger the companies’ employees. The abuse animals receive in slaughterhouses is against the laws the government creates to protect them. These rights should not be overlooked just because the animals are in places where they are supposed to be killed.

    There is a severe difference between being humanly slaughtered and viciously killed. If someone began to skin a pig alive on the street, surely they would be arrested and charged with a felony in Illinois for animal cruelty. Animals in the animals in kill houses are still protected under animal abuse laws and must be killed in a humane manner. The government is not taking action for its own laws, and is way too lenient with the cruelty animals are receiving.

    In a slaughterhouse in Idaho, “Workers were caught on video viciously beating and shocking cows… and dragging a downed cow by her neck using a chain attached to a tractor” (MercyforAnimals. org). Acts like this would utrage millions of Americans, but, only a few amount people clearly know of the brutal injustice occurring in these places. Beating a cow is severely against the law; especially dragging a cow by its neck while it’s sick can be accounted for several types of abuse and cruelty.

    Treating helpless creatures with no respect or mercy, by law, will not be tolerated and needs justice, several slaughterhouses don’t even feed the animals food, they feed them garbage, “The waste products from poultry plants including sawdust and old newspapers used as litter, are all being fed to cattle” (Schlosser 200). To feed cattle old news people, which is used for litter, does not only go into the animal but, into the meat people are eating. This horrible treatment does not only affect animals, it affects the companies’ consumers.

    Animal cruelty and abuse in the slaughterhouses create a chain reaction of sick behavior in the meat industry and must be stopped. The efficiency of the meat production in slaughterhouses will be negatively affected if the routine of the way animals are slaughtered changes. First off, the way animals are killed is very quick and kills multiple animals at a time. Pigs are killed especially quickly, “packed in so tight, their guts actually pop out their butts”a little softball of guts actually comes out” (Peta. org). The amount of pigs packed into one kill floor is a surplus and very quick.

    Although, this is not humane, the demand for meat is incredibly high and there are only few slaughterhouses to fulfill the demand. They don’t have time to worry about whether the animals are being killed humanly or not. The unsanitary conditions in slaughterhouses not only affect the animals but, it also affects employees. Eric Schlosser explains his experience on a kill loor in a slaughterhouse who gave him a tour, “For eight and a half hours, a worker called a “sticker” does nothing but stand in a river of blood, being drenched in blood, slitting the neck of a steer every ten seconds or so, severing its carotid artery’ (Schlosser 169).

    Not only are animals in terrible conditions on the kill floor, the “sticker” stands in pools of blood every day, to get paid very small wages. Some may say that someone has to do it, but, that is wrong. No one should be paid such a small wage and work in such tragic conditions everyday of their career. It is not a part of the job to stand in pools f blood. The company can easily create some sort of drainage system to prevent these conditions. Most people employed at slaughterhouses work there only because iMs the only place they can get money.

    In an article written by Chris Grezo, he explains the personal effects of working in a slaughterhouse, “It is well-documented that people who torture animals for pleasure are more likely to turn out to be psychopaths who pose a threat to humans” (Grezo). Now although not everyone is in these places kill the animals for pleasure they tend to develop a tolerance to slaughtering nimals, Grezo goes on to explain these people can develop a higher percentage to abuse humans and domestics animals.

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