Henry Kuttner’s Elak of Atlantis: A Successor to Conan Essay

Henry Kuttner picked up the mantle from Robert E. Howard after this death with a series of stories featuring Elak of Atlantis.  Readers missed Howard and Conan and were hungry for more sword and sorcery and that is what Kuttner gave them. Piazo Publishing, as part of their Planet Stories series, has just published a complete collection of the Elak stories:

Elak of Atlantis by Henry Kuttner

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Henry Kuttner’s Elak of Atlantis: A Successor to Conan
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Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale

Explore the origins of Sword & Sorcery with Henry Kuttner’s Elak of Atlantis!

Published in Weird Tales to satisfy fans of Conan the Barbarian in the wake of Robert E.

Howard’s death, the four long stories depict a brutal world of flashing swords and primal magic, touched by a hint of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Never collected in a mass market edition since their publication in the late 1930s, these exciting tales helped to establish a genre and are a critical part of any fantasy library.

Included as a bonus are Kuttner’s two Prince Raynor stories from 1939’s Strange Tales. This volume is a 160-page softcover trade paperback.

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