Hepatitis case study

All three and Injections are given to protect against hepatitis B
2 hepatitis transmitted via blood-borne percutaneous mucosal
Hepatitis B,C & D
3 healthcare worker at greatest risk for hepatitis
16-year-old with spinal cord injury and history of intravenous drug use
4 which measure will help reduce the transmission of hepatitis?
Portable sharps containers available at every emergency situation
5 documenting yellow cast to skin assessment
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6 Stool consistent with the presence of jaundice
Stool is clay colored
7 Urine consistent with the presence of jaundice
Urine is tea colored
8 nursing diagnosis important to include in plan of care
Activity intolerance, impaired skin integrity, alteration and nutrition, less than body requirements
9 which nutrition should the nurse implement to help with nutritional status?
Develop a list between meals snacks for the client to choose from
10 how should a charge nurse respond regarding UAP’s behavior of neglecting other patients and spending too much time with 1 patient?
I noticed that a lot of your client care responsibilities did not get done today
11 how should a charge nurse respond to a UAP who admits they have a crush on a patient and asked to be assigned to provide care?
That would not be appropriate while he is in the hospital
12 which discharge instruction should the nurse include in the teaching plan?
Do not share personal hygiene items
13 what guidelines should the nurse give a patient in response to when they can return to work
Symptoms subside and feels able to work
14 increases in which diagnostic test reflect that the liver is not functioning adequately
Serum bilirubin
15 prior to liver biopsy it is most important for the nurse to be aware of which lab test results?
Prothrombin time
16 in which position should patient be maintained immediately after a liver biopsy
Positioned on right side with pillow under the costal margin
17 which adverse affects of interferon therapy should a nurse include in patient teaching
Flulike aches and pains
18 which statement indicates patient needs more teaching?
I can drink a few beers a week but not any hard liquor
19 what is the best initial response by the nurse when patient is asked if they are following diet. Patient response “what’s the use it’s not going to make any difference”
You seem very discouraged right now
20 what is the nurses immediate response to patients suicidal ideation?
Ask :Do you have a plan on how you would kill yourself?
21 what information is most likely to be contributory to patient’s current condition
Patient has been taking large doses of acetaminophen to reduce flu like symptoms associated with interferon therapy
22 normal Saline at 100 ML’s per hour is ordered. the nurse sets up 1000 mL bag of normal saline. The I. V. Has a drop factor of 15 gtts/mL/min. how many drops per minute will the normal saline be administered?
100 mL x 15 gtts/min/60 mins = 25
23 which assessment findings indicate the desired outcome for vitamin K aquamerphyton
Skin intact with no bruising
24 EMT admits to frequently shooting up with remaining opioids after a friend, giving partial dose to emergency room patient. EMT states there are no drug programs for paramedics like nurses. EMT will lose job, & certification, it will never happen again. What action is best for the nurse to implement?
Notify house supervisor
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