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Here I’ Am Taking My Own Picture



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    “Here I’ am Taking My Own Picture”- Analytical Its hard to imagine a time where photographs actually took time to produce. First of course to take the photograph, and then into the dark room where the film was transferred onto special paper to be put through developing chemicals. In the end you would hope for the best and that you looked good in the photo. It wasn’t all that long ago that this process existed.

    However, now we live in a technological world where anything is possible. You no longer need to wait and pray that you didn’t look fat in a picture but now its just a click of a button to view and another click of the ‘delete’ button if you don’t like what you see. Then your off to continue your photo shoot and free to fill p your SD card or phone memory with more of yourself. In 2006, an article in the New York Times was written called “Here I Am Taking My Own Picture”.

    The author, Alex Williams, had written the article and explained the many possible reasons why you can’t find a MySpace page without finding at least one of what the author calls a “self portrait”. These portraits are referred to in the article as “a new genre of photography”. Self portraits are almost always shot by ones own self at arms length. The author explains that some of the reasons why the self portrait is so popular may be because of technology, or behavioral growing process where adolescents try to discover themselves.

    It may also be because they want attention or believe that like their favorite celebrity, their peers can’t get enough of them. Personally I blame technology for being the biggest reason why children, friends, and family have become much more narcissistic over the past decade. Think back to when you were a teen or even reflect upon yourself now. We all get a little thrill out of photographing ourselves. I can personally admit that as I have many of these “self portraits” up on Facebook.

    I don’t think that fifty years ago before camera phones and digital photography that our parents and grandparents didn’t like getting attention or striving for it. “Being able to take pictures of yourself in privacy allows you to do it without inhibitions. Each person takes better pictures of themselves than anyone else can because they know their own bodies, they know their own minds. ” (Adams). They most likely were doing the same thing at our age. They were probably trying to discover themselves through creativity or whatever they had available.

    Maybe they wrote poetry or songs. Perhaps they liked to draw or got a funky haircut. My point is that everybody goes through a period of self discovery, however today we now have an easy way to express ones self with photography. Since 2006, we can safely say that although we loved MySpace, most have moved onto Facebook. This network allows you to upload your camera photos directly to Facebook. Kodak even recently came out with the Kodak Easyshare camera. This camera also allows you to directly upload your photos to Facebook.

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