HESI Case Study- Bioterrorism

What information should the nurse include in the class?
Smallpox lesions develop synchronously
If a client exhibits malaise, fever, headache, vomiting, rigors, and backache, the nurse should recognize the client infected with variola virus is in which phase of infection?
IF an outbreak of variola virus is suspected, which resource provides current information to the nurse about practice guidelines?
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Which supportive care intervention by the nurse ha the highest priority?
Manage the client’s airway
The nurse should be prepared to recognize that which organism(s) might be used as a potential biological weapon? (Select all that apply).
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HESI Case Study- Bioterrorism
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Which biological agent is at highest risk for person to person transmission?
Pneumonic plague
Nurses should recognized which scenario has the potential for the most widespread damage in the United States?
The nation’s largest red meat supplier is contaminated with botulinum toxin (Botulism).
Which action should the emergency department (ED) nurse take first?
Apply gown, gloves, and mask
Which similarity between the two clients is most important for the nurse to report to the primary healthcare provider at this time?
Works for the Pentagon
Which event should alert the nurse to the possibility of a bioterrorism related outbreak?
A rapidly increasing disease incidence among a normally healthy population
Which action should the nurse take first?
Place the client in an isolation room and institute airborne and contact precautions
How should the nurse describe the findings in the client’s record?
In which location should the nurse set up facilities to care for multiple clients with the variola virus (smallpox)?
An abandoned free standing rehab facility adjacent to the hospital
Which group of clients should be immunized first?
Healthcare workers and first responders to the smallpox outbreaks
When an individual, who is to receive the smalpox vaccine, asks the nurse what type of vaccine this is, what information should the nurse give the client?
A live vaccinia virus is used it the preparation of smallpox vaccine
When the nurse sets up a vaccination clinic during a smallpox outbreak, which components should be in place? (Select all that apply).
-Educational packets on the risks and benefits of the smallpox vaccine
-Security staff to control the entry to staff and clients
-Instructions on the care of the vaccination site, as well as information on who to call for adverse reactions
-A medical professional on site to identify clients who are at high risk if they receive the vaccine
During a smallpox outbreak, the nurse should be cognizant of which individual who is at highest risk for an adverse reaction to the smallpox vaccination?
A client who has human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
When giving instructions to the UAP, which supply is most important to obtain for the smallpox unit?
N95 respiratory filtration masks
Which action should the nurse take?
Instruct the UAP to turn off the electric fan
What information should the nurse give to the UAP?
Continue to utilize contact and airborne precautions
When one of the participants in the study asks the nurse what virulence is, how should the nurse reply?
The production o a severe pathologic reaction by the infectious agent
In preparing an educational forum for community members at one of the local churches, the nurse should include what information about communicability of the smallpox virus?
The time from when a rash emerges and sores break open is the most contagious period
Which action by the nurse best reduces panic and hysteria among the public?
Give directions on where to receive vaccinations and what to do if symptoms ocur
The client should be instructed to never exceed how many tablets per day?
Which client should the nurse visit first?
A 45 year old male survivor of smallpox with a history of depression who states he is happy now but who is giving away his personal possessions
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