HESI Case Study- Natural Disaster

Which action by Samantha, the Health Department RN, is an example of primary prevention in disaster management for Cisno County?
Train potential rescue workers in basic first aid
Plans for rescuing, evacuating, and caring for disaster victims fall within which phase?
The school nurse should include which preparedness procedure for the PTO presentation?
Plan a meting place for family members for each type of likely disaster
How should the school nurse respond to the mother’s question?
Keep a 1 to 2 week supply of medication in an easily accessible safe place
What should the school nurse include in a disaster drill for elementary students?
Rehearse evacuation routes with the students, faculty, and staff
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To prepare the ED for possible victims of the earthquake, which action should Susan take first?
Reassess the clients who are currently in the ED to determine if further injuries have occurred
According to this tool, a client brought to the ED coded with which color should be assessed first?
This woman should be coded with which color using the START tool?
Which action should Ryan take first?
Reposition her head to attempt to open the airway
Which action should Ryan take first?
Clear the debris in and around the boy’s mouth and nose
Which statement describes the role of the American Red Cross?
The federal government gives the organization the authority to provide disaster relief
The nurse recognizes that which action takes priority according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
Obtain food and water for shelter residents
The nurse should first address the needs of the client with which condition and medication need?
a 35 year old man injecting regular insulin for type I diabetes mellitus
Which action should the nurse implement?
Provide the client with a meal within 30 minutes of insulin injection
The nurse advises the client to take how many tablets?
According to the epidemiology triangle, what does the client represent?
Which are examples of a host’s intrinsic factors? (Select all that apply).
-Ethnic origin
Which technique should the nurse employ to reduce stress?
Listen to victims tell and retell their feelings related to their current situation and the disaster
Which method for contacting clients should the home healthcare nurse attempt first?
Attempt to contact all clients by telephone to find out if they are safe
Which client should the home healthcare nurse visit first?
A 64 year old man in the beginning stages of dementia who lives alone
Which duty should Tracy delegate to a student nurse?
Transport a discharged client via wheelchair to the pick-up area
Which task should the nurse delegate to the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)?
Take initial vital signs
Which client should be assigned to the PN?
A client who had a stroke 2 years ago who requires gastrostomy feedings every 4 hours
What coping strategy should be utilized by the nurse to reduce stress?
Discuss stressful feelings with the psychological counselor visiting clients on the unit
According to the American Red Cross and Pan American Health Organization, which strategies should the nurses use to avoid stress while working a disaster? (Select all that apply).
-Use humor to break the tension
-Use positive self-talk
-Take breaks away from the disaster when possible
-Get enough sleep
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