HESI: Cystic Fibrosis

Which statement by the mother supports the diagnosis of CF?
“When I kiss my daughter, her skin tastes like salt.”
What documentation in the patient’s medical chart futher supports the diagnosis of CF?
*A history of frequent respiratory infections*

The respiratory system is affected by abnormally thick, sticky secretions that cause airway obstruction to the lungs. Other clinical manifestations of CF include poor growth and/or weight loss, a dry, non-productive cough, and increased bleeding tendencies caused by a deficiency of the fat-soluble vitamin K

*Reports of foul-smelling stools that have white streaks and are sticky*
Steatorrhea (undigested fat in stools of clients with CF). Foul smell is a result of the presence of protein.
Large, loose and sticky are also terms that characterize the stools of a client with CF

What information would the nurse include in patient teaching about a chloride sweat test?
The sweat test is a simple, painless, and reliable diagnostic test that is performed to determine the amount of chloride in the client’s sweat. It has been the gold standard for diagnosing CF for the past 40 years
What is the best explanation of standards of care?
Standards of care are published statements that describe the level of care that the client with cystic fibrosis (or other diseases) can expect from nurses

They are set by professional organizations

What type of care is given in secondary nursing care?
Care such as vision, hearing, and scoliosis screening that the patient will get when he/she starts school.

Secondary nursing includes all types of screenings to help with early intervention

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HESI: Cystic Fibrosis
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What are the genetic requirements for a patient to have CF?
Both biological parents must have gene for CF (autosomal recessive trait)
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