HESI RN Case Study-Cervical Cancer (unfinished)

What information is most important for the rn to obtain to determine Mrs.’s risk for cervical cancer?
-history of sexual partners
-age with first pregnancy
When developing a plan of care to reduce the risks for cervical cancer, the rn recognizes that primary prevention…
provide community education
How should the rn respond to the client?
ask the client about her understanding of the abnormal pap smear result
When Mrs. asks the rn where the biopsy will take place, how should the rn respond?
The HCP’s office
Which explanation about HPV quadrivalent vaccine is best to give to Mrs.?
HPV quad. vaccine does not treat cervical cancer

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In response to the client’s statement, which concern is most important for the rn…
sexual limitations as a result of surgery
Based upon the rn’s assessment, what is the priority nursing diagnosis for this client?
Ineffective sexuality pattern related…
Which intervention should the rn include in Mrs.’s plan of care?
provide accurate and timely teaching regarding…
After Mrs. expresses concern about nausea…
nausea and vomitting are anticipated, so medications will be given…
Ondansetron is available in 4 mg/2 mL. How many mL should the rn administer?
Which laboratory result is most important for the rn to report to the HCP?
White blood cell (WBC) count 1,700/mm^3
It is important for the rn to include which priority client education based on the prescribed therapy?
report a fever greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
What additional information should the rn obtain about the side effects of cisplatin?
-presence of cough…
-frequency of urination
-reports of malaise and chills
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