Hewlett-Packard: a Business Review and Analysis

Hewlett-Packard is currently a successful company operating within the computer and printer industry - Hewlett-Packard: a Business Review and Analysis introduction. In addition to its huge market coverage, HP has also been earning billions of dollars through quality products and ingenious development of new technologies. Despite this success, the increasing competition in the industry encourages the company to apply new marketing strategies that will position its products better in the market. One of the possible solutions for this goal is to enter into internet retailing.

This paper will then analyze the resources of the company in supporting this strategy; the weaknesses of HP will also be identified in this analysis using various business analytical tools. HP’s Macro Environment: PEST Analysis Political Private ownership is the dominant market system in the United States. Moreover, both home and private businesses are granted the authority for decentralized decision-making. The free system in the American business sector is made evident by the amount of the production and output of private businesses.

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Statistics showed that about two thirds of the overall American economic outputs are for the individuals and their private businesses. A third of these output are th eonly part that goes the government (US Department of State, 2006) This statistical division indicates that the private businesses and the consumers have a more essential role in the business sector as compared to the political level. Still, the government plays a significant role to the country’s economy including the business sector.

One of the important roles of the government in business is the development and enforcement of various business-related laws. These laws include business and property right protection as well as the prohibition of business practices that are perceived as unjust. Product safety is also part of these legislations (Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, 2005).

Any DATA/Statistics to support your statement?? Read more: http://ivythesis. typepad. com/term_paper_topics/2008/01/hewlett-packa-2. html#ixzz1LE5WrtbN

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