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Volcano Tour Project Description: In this project, you will edit an existing presentation that describes the tour of Volcanoes National Park offered by Lehua Hawaiian Adventures - Hi Every One introduction. In doing so, you will insert and format a picture, reformat text, work with list indents, insert slides from another presentation, change slide layouts, and find and replace text. Instructions: For the purpose of grading of the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step| Instructions| Points Possible| 1| Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named GO_p01_Grader_EOC. pptx. 0| 2| Replace all occurrences of the text Diamond Head with Kilauea. | 8| 3| Insert the two slides from the downloaded GO_p01_Crater. pptx file after Slide 3. Do not keep the source formatting. | 9| 4| On Slide 3, using the Outline, increase the list level of the bullet point beginning with the text You will hike by one level. Add a new first-level bullet on the next line. Type Tour precautions and then add the following two second-level bullets: Wear sturdy, covered shoes Expect uneven terrain| 8| 5| On Slide 1, change the font color of the subtitle, The Big Island’s Most Majestic Sight, to White, Text 1 and the font size to 28. 8| 6| On Slide 2, format the caption text to the left of the content placeholder as bold and italic, with center alignment. Change the line spacing to 2. 0. | 12| 7| On Slide 2, insert the picture GO_p01_Lava in the placeholder on the right. Format the picture with the Beveled Oval, Black picture style and the Paint Brush artistic effect. | 9| 8| Switch to Slide Sorter view, move Slide 5 to between Slides 3 and 4, then switch back to Normal view. | 6| 9| Change the slide layout of Slide 5 to Title Slide. | 8| 10| On Slide 5, type the following note, including the period, in the Notes pane:

Recent volcanic activity at the national park site may result in changes to the tour itinerary. | 4| 11| Apply the Uncover transition to Slide 5 and change the direction of the transition to From Top. Change the duration of the transition to 1. 50. Apply the transition effect to all of the slides. View the slide show from the beginning. | 20| 12| In the Document Properties panel, replace the text in the Author box with Benji Hiratu. Add the keywords Kilauea, volcano and then close the Document Properties panel. | 8| 13| Save and close the presentation and then exit PowerPoint. Submit the presentation as directed. | 0| | Total Points| 100|

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