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“Schools play an important role in building a nation - High Scholl Preferences in Choosing a University introduction. ” (Laurence Steinberg, Adolescence, 2005) A school as the second home of the youth has a wide scope of developing the understanding of each one of us. After graduation in high school, students will then pursue their dreams and aspirations through enrolling in higher education or in any colleges or Universities to quote from former Pres. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo. “The students of higher education, will come into their own, seize the value of modernity and education and use these tools to advance themselves and the nation. Deciding what University they would enroll is not an easy task. Factors to consider are student’s interest, financial capability of the family, progams offered by the University and the location of the school. With this in mind, the researcher thought of how she can help the graduating students of UPHSD-Molino High School Department identify the factors majority of high school students consider in selecting the school they would like to enroll in their collegiate years.

Benchmarking on this, UPHSD-Molino Campus’ administration may now have a clearer view on how they can help their students choose the University they would be enrolling. In line with this, the researcher conducted a research study among the graduating high school students entitled “A Study on University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta Molino Campus’ Graduating High School Students Preferences in the Selection of Collegiate School Batch 2010-2011. ” The information gathered would benefit not just the graduating students of UPHSD-Molino High School Department but would also strengthen the marketability of UPHSD-Molino College Department.


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This research study is divided into four (4) parts: the introduction, research methodology, data analysis, findings, conclusion, and recommendation. This study aimed to know the preferences of UPHSD-Molino High School Graduating class of School Year 2010-2011 in choosing a collegiate school. Particularly, the researchers would like to know if the characteristics such as location, courses offered, aesthetics, school reputation, friends and tuition fee are the factors they would consider in deciding what University re they going to enroll. The researcher used the descriptive approach to meet the objectives of the study. The graduating fourth year high school students are respondents of the study, wherein their responses were summarized through the use of statistical test to determine its summations and as well as their significance to the study. The information gathered by the researcher showed that 98% of the students would like to pursue studies in higher education.

Majority of which consider programs offered coupled with school reputation and location of the University. These factors are interrelated to each other as well as the other factors such as the social influences, aesthetics and the tuition fee. The programs offered as well as the University reputation and locations are major consideration in selecting a University. Moreover, despite the respondents’ ideal way of living there is still two percent of them are undecided or may prefer to work first before entering in college.

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