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High School and Advance Placement Classes

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Ever since I can remember, my ambitions were to make this world a better place by solving crimes and putting criminals behind bars. I am truly motivated to contribute to this patriotic country. I will risk my life for it if that is what it takes. My commitment, dedication and effort in my academic and extra-curricular activities will help guide me into my lifetime goals of becoming a criminal psychology, and getting a degree combined with law and psychology. High schools provide students with the chance to prepare for the real world and I refuse not to take advantage of it.

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High School and Advance Placement Classes
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For example, the activities that are fostering me into my future are extra-activities and core courses. Drill team has given me the power to adequately deal with the demands and challenges of daily life. All that was expected of me I excelled in. Being a member has helped me flourish into a mature individual. Throughout all of the experiences on drill team, I have developed leadership and social skills that are beneficial in majoring in criminal justice.

My director pushed me to the limit to help me grow in the same way they would in criminal justice. In any career they want to excel in.

I was able to stay committed and not give up during all those stressful times. Therefore, proving I am ready for what college has in stores for me no matter how hard it gets. In dance, it has helped me become fit from having to dance year round. In most careers in criminal justice it is required that you pass timed test for physical activities. In dance I discovered how passionate I feel about working out. Taking psychology and sociology, will aid me in my lifetime goals because those classes are required in my career path. In completing these courses during high school, it will be a big advantage in helping me to comprehend them in college.

I will have prior knowledge. When taking that class in college, I will be prepared for it and I also could take my notes from high school to refer to. It helps me with criminal profiling and provides strategies and suggestions that can be used in the interviewing process of finding the killer or kidnapper. I have been taking Pre-Advance placement and Advance Placement classes since freshman year. Taking advanced placement classes by far has really helped me get a better understanding of what to expect from college courses. My teachers act like professors therefore I know that professors will treat me like an adult.

My instructors teach the way university instructors would and I am still able to obtain exceptional grades in my classes. Advance placement classes boosted my grade point average therefore it will help me get into a wonderful college of my choice. In high school, I am dedicated towards my long time goals. I want to say I was someone in life. I have learned how to balance a job, extra-curricular activities, and my academic performance. These skills will guide me tremendously in my long term goals. My ambitions are to keep this world a safer place. Even if it means not having fun and focusing on my future I am driven enough to do it.

If I want to be successful and get a good education and career I must have determination, encouragement, and fulfillment. Success is finding your way to reach your goals in life. It is a journey which has several peaks that build on one another. It comes from within while realizing what my own strengths and weaknesses are to determine my accomplishments. In high school I am given this opportunity that will help me with any barrier in life. I want to be my children`s role model one day. I want to be someone they can look up to and I am willing to work for it.

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