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High School Experience

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The time when I was a high school student is the most exciting and important period in my life because I get a lot of experiences of basic knowledge, requirement for university enrollment and human life. The high school program was created for students with an interest in Science and Social studies. I was very good at Mathematics and Social science because I’m interested in Business and Management. That’s why I prepared to become a good manager and businessman.

In my opinion, business consists of logical mathematics and social communication.

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High School Experience
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Also a good mark in test of mathematics and social science is the requirement for entry into university. There is a lot of evidence to show my effort for mathematic and social science. For example, I won a gold medal in Social science study Olympiad of Ulaanbaatar city, Bayangol district and took 8th place in a Social science Olympiad of Mongolia. Furthermore, I participated in a mathematics Olympiad several times.

However, I won one silver medal of Mathematical Olympiad of Ulaanbaatar city.

These Olympiads and preparation for Olympiads was an effective tool for university entrance examination. Studies besides mathematics and social science studies expanded my view of the world. For instance, I realized that physics, chemistry and biology are related to all natural phenomenons. Now I can give a simple explanation of science for “why a rainbow exists”, “what is electricity” whatever. It’s enough for me. Most people don’t know about people collect experience of life in high school years.

During my high school years, I learned to love people, participate in social life and make decisions. Of course that love is not the love of a couple, it is the love of your family, your classmates and furthermore all people of the world. In other words, I learned to help people and respect them. It’s just one part of social life. Also to learn how to make decisions by your own is very important because after graduation from high school, children become adults. In conclusion, high school was the place where I prepared to become an adult and an educated person.

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