High School Soccer to College Soccer

Comparing High School Soccer to College Soccer High school soccer and college soccer differences are characterized by the improved coaching that we have now in college, the player’s superior talent and the speed, agility, and skills. Maintaining your school work and eligibility becomes a greater responsibility for the student athlete in college. I will explain these differences in detail. The coaching in high school is actuality easier on you compared to college coaching. My high school coach did very little to do anything that contributed to the team.

The coach just let his assistant coaches do all of the work. They rarely told us what we did wrong. That lack of instruction showed up on the field in every game we played. On the other hand the coaching staff at CCU is a great improvement over Oak Hills. I have been getting a lot instruction and tips from Coach Evan and Coach Warmen during practices. They have been showing me what I need to do to make myself better at the position I play on the field. College soccer coaching makes me want to improve my skills. The college soccer player’s show better speed, greater strength, and are extremely agile.

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The player’s talent will take me to a whole new level. I will have to work 10 times harder than I did in high school. Conditioning is as tough as it can be. For example, we are running 2 miles every day and we are running up and down the CCU hill. The practice from he on out are just getting tougher by the day. High school practices don’t come close to the difficulty that I have experienced so far. CCU practices make me strive to be better. I am really starting to like my new teammates. They make me push myself to play harder. My goal is to earn a starting spot on the team.

To play college soccer you will have to stay in shape, stay healthy, and eat healthy. High school soccer was easy, but college soccer is on a higher level and it will push you to be a better player. A college soccer player has more responsibility than a high school player. In college you have to make sure you keep your grades up to stay eligible to play. A player must work hard to complete their homework, the need to pay attention in class, and they cannot be late for class. A college player has to keep their GPA above a 2. 0 to be eligible to play and to keep their athletic scholarship.

High school classes did not seem as serious. In the college classes there is a lot more at stake. A college player has to adapt to a new campus environment and surroundings. College players have to meet the challenges of the professors and follow all the schools regulations. College players are under more pressure. To play college soccer or any college sport you will be exposed to the best coaches, and must excel to their highest level of conditioning to play against the best athletes. More importantly, the college player must know the responsibility needed to be successful in the class room.

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