Hinduism and Blacks (African Descent) Essay

The two topics I have chosen are Hinduism and Black (African descent) - Hinduism and Blacks (African Descent) Essay introduction. I do not have a background to either one. I have chosen these topics because they both interest me and have lots of background that has helped change history. I know a little information on Hinduism and would like to learn more. I have always learned about African descent, but I know there are facts that I don’t know and would like to know. Learning about other cultures and background can help all from discriminating against others. Hinduism is an ancient religion with no founder or known date of origin,” according to “Overview of Hinduism” (2012). It also states, that Hinduism refers to a wide variety of religious traditions and philosophies that are over thousands of years old. Hindu derives from Sindhu, the sanskirt name for the Indus River. Hinduism is believed to come from the predominant religion of the Indian subcontinent. Hinduism includes many traditions, but do not constitute a set of beliefs or practices that have evolved over time.

Hindus worship more than one deity, value the practice of medicine, and believes in reincarnation. (“Overview of Hinduism”, 2012) Their ideal life has four basic goals, pursuit of human righteousness, the accumulation of worldly success, pursuit of spiritual love, and release from empty pleasures and suffering in the world. (Benton & DiYanni, 2008) Hinduism includes a broad range of laws and perceptions of daily morality based on karma and social norms. Hinduism is an assortment of distinct intellectual and philosophical views, unlike a rigid common set of beliefs most over religions have.

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This way of life comes from diverse religious movements started in an Indian subcontinent where similar beliefs, practices and principles constituted its core. Hinduism doesn’t have a central organization like the Christian churches do to control its movements. They worship focuses on gods of personify natural forces. Hinduism also has several gods and goddess who are worshiped instead of just one, each devotee has the right to choose their god or goddess they wish to worships supreme deity. (“Overview of Hinduism”, 2012) People discriminate against religion ostly because it’s different or they don’t understand. Instead of trying to understand and learn, people start making assumptions. Hindus are referred to “devil worshipers” and “spiritually challenged,” by the catholic saints. They do not agree with their teachings, as well as seeing Shiva as shameless, and temples are places of corrupted rites. Hinduism has quickly become one of the most popular religions in America. Hindu philosophy is increasingly becoming integrated into American society.

Today, there about 900 million Hindus worldwide and over 2 million in the U. S. (“Overview of Hinduism”, 2012) Hindus are very well represented in small and middle-sized businesses, the computer industry, and medicine, engineering, nursing, teaching and basic sciences. Hindu professionals are extremely successful. Their medium income is higher than that of the average American, according to the U. S. Census. Hindus have made many contributions in every major field of science and technology, human potential movements and promoted spiritual ideas. Suseelan, 2012) African-American’s culture started in Africa. Because of slavery, they have learned to adapt to the “whites” and “Native American’s” cultures. Ceremonies and rituals are a big deal in African culture. Many believed that spirits inhabited in the surroundings of nature. Some believe that earth is a female deity. They do believe that there is an afterlife and that the ancestors that live in the spiritual world can communicate with the supreme creator and the living.

They believe their ancestors live in the earth, in houses, and own cattle. (Myths, Legends, Beliefs and Traditional Stories from Africa”) Africans also believed in practicing and the teachings of spiritual possession. Islam began to spread across Africa in the 18th century, that they start sharing African spiritual practices. Enslaved Africans bought their complex religious dynamics within their culture to America. Due to slavery and the discrimination against them, African and American cultures begun to emerge.

European culture was a great influence on African culture. Their culture is best represented in music, dance, and storytelling. African-Americans have been discriminated against for many, many year. They were captured from their homes, taken away from their families, and sold to Americans. They have worked hard every minute of their lives to be treated equally. Even though they were taken from their roots and have adapted to our cultures, many African-Americans still follow traditions.

There are about 42 million. African-Americans in the U. S. There are many famous and important African-Americans, today. One, in which being the President of the United States. After learning and writing about Hinduism and Black (African descent), I can walk away from this paper knowing I learned so many good facts and backgrounds that were unfamiliar. Even though we may not agree with Hinduism or African-American culture, we should learn to respect and understand the differences. That is how we can learn not to discriminate because it is unfamiliar.


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