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History: the American Colonies

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The New England and Southern Colonies were both settled largely by theEnglish. By 1700, the regions had evolved into two distinct societies.

The southern colonies have characteristics that are the antithesis ofthe New England colonies attributes. New England was colonized for Freedomof Worship and freedom of political thought. The Southern colonies weredeveloped for freedom of economic opportunity. The New England colonies hadaspirations for a distinct society, where they could show their homeland,how a country should be run. The southern colonies had goals formercantilism, and increasing the prosperity of England.

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History: the American Colonies
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The New Englandcolonies were based on theocracy, where the state forced the people to liveand worship in an orthodox way. The southern colonies(Virginia) had agovernment based on a royal government, where the state was governed by agovernor and council named by the king, and an elected assembly chosen bythe people. Finally, the New England colonies wanted to establish thecolony for religious motives, while the southern colonies were establishedfor economic motives.

England and the rebels of England (Pilgrims), made up the New Englandand southern colonies.

“God Almighty in his most holy and wise providencehath so disposed of the condition of mankind, in all times some must berich, some poor, some high and eminent in power and dignity, other mean andin subjection. Yet we must be knit together in this work as one man.”(JohnWinthrop, A Model of Christian Charity) This statement by John Winthrop,demonstrates importance of religion in the lives of the New Englandsettlers. “We must delight in each other, make others’ conditions our own,rejoice together, mourn together, labor and suffer together, always havingbefore our eyes our commission and community in the work, our community asmembers of the same body.” (John Winthrop, A Model of Christian Charity).

The use of the word “together” and “community” indicates that the NewEngland settlers were of a communal nature, they were less individualisticthan the southern colonies. The New England colonies were based onreligious freedom, thus their society was reflected the religion.

“These underwritten names are to be transported to Virginia, embarked inthe Merchant’s Hope, Hugh Weston, Master, per examination by the ministerof Gravesend touching upon their conformity to the Church discipline ofEngland, and have taken oaths of allegiance and supremacy:” (Ship’s List ofEmigrants Bound for Virginia). The use of the word “Master”, shows, thatthe southern colonies were more of a individualistic state rather than acommunal state(New England). This individualism was the effect of themotivation of the southern colonies for economic opportunity.

“We whose names are underwritten, being by God’s providnce engaged togetherto make a plantation….” (Articles of Agreement). The New England settlers,again were of a communal nature, in how they are binding together for thegood of the community. “We intend by God’s grace, as soon as we can withall convenient speed, to procure some Godly and faithful minster with whomwe purpose to join in church covenant to walk in the ways ofChrist.”(Articles of Agreement). The statement above, shows how theminister, was the head of the theocracy, of the small communities.

Furthermore, the “Articles of Agreement”, demonstates the importance ofsharing within the community. This article, was another product of themotivation of the New England settlers for religious freedom.

“This court… in the interim recommends that all tradesmen and laborersconsider the religious end of their callings…”. The puritans believedeveryone had a specific duty in life, something that one was proficient at.

Almost all the mores and society itself radiated from religion, as a result,many people who couldn’t endure the rigidity of such a society were exiledand the dissenters created new societies.

“The worstamong us were the gold seekers whowith their golden promisesmade all men their slaves in hope of recompenses. There was no talk… butdig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold..” (Captain John Smith, Historyof Virginia). The southern colonists were a people who settled in thesouthern colonies for econmic motives. The people were more materialistic,and individualistic, thus greed prevailed. Conversely, the New Englandsettlers were of a spiritual nature, and were dispassionate inmaterialistic matters. The drive of the southern colonists were towardeconomic prosperity.

“For by our nearest computation we leave at our backs as manyservants(besides Negroes) as there are friedman to defend the shores andall our frontiers against the Indians….This gives men fearfulapprehensions of the danger they leave their estates and families in, whilethey are drawn from their houses to defend the borders.”(Governor Berkeleyand His Council on Their Inability to defend Virginia Against a DutchAttack). The southern colonists were protective of their land, and wereseeking more and more land. The colonists’ idea was for more economicprosperity coming from more and more land. The southern colonists weremotivated for economic prosperity.

“Let us observe the sudden rise of their estates…compared with thequality in which they first entered this country.” (Bacons “Manifesto”).

This statement shows how the southern colonists had progressed by arrivingto America because of their economic motivation. The advancement is aresult of economic drive toward prosperity.

The colonies were settled chiefly by the same race of people. Thedistinct quality that seperated the southern colonists from the New Englandcolonists is that the motivation of the two were distinct, and as a resulttwo colonies diverged in their goals. The southern colonists were aimingfor economic prosperity; the presence of vast quantities of cheap land inAmerica opened opportunities for economic advancement unknown inovercrowded Europe. The religious freedom was a major contribution becausein Europe religious toleration was almost unknown, and dissenters werelooked down upon.

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