History of Islam

The origin of Islam first started by a prophet named Muhammad. Muhammad started preaching the Religion of Islam to his people when he was 40 years old. When he was young, he had earned the name “Al- Ameen” or the Trustworthy One from his people. Muhammed found Islam in the 7th century. Islam literally meant “surrender” or “submission”. This was the main reason why Muhammed found Islam because he wanted to surrender himself and Islam to the will of Allah, the creator and sustainer of the world.

Also, the prophets of God starting from Adam to Muhammad, preached Islam, which was the religion Allah has destined for mankind. Islam’s sacred text was and still is the Quran. It is said that Muhammad first dictated the Quran. Throughout years, Muhammad began preaching in different areas close to Islam. He has ran into a bit of trouble a couple of times, but it turned out to be a success. Muhammad received instructions from Allah to go to Mekkah and condemn the their use of idolatry and paganism.

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As a consequence, there were oppositions against Muhammad and Islam. Several years later, he started to gain followers in Medinah. The followers from Medinah made a covenant with Muhammad and declared themselves Muslims. Then, more people started to follow him and pledged to fight and protect Muhammad against anything. They were able to expand from there. Muhammad then went back to Mekkah and established himself as a political, religious, and military leader.

Islam began to spread through intimidation and force. Tribes and cities were converted under the threat of war and conquest. Muhammad made such a big impact that the Mekkahs made no resistance. With the defeat of Mekkah, Islam became the power on the Arabian peninsula. Islam spread by the force of arms. That was their philosophy in the beginning, and it is still the philosophy of Islam today. Today Islam is one of the world’s dominant religions.

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