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History of Plastic Surgery

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The need to improve our physical appearance did not come from yesterday and one of the most common ways of doing that is to resort to plastic surgery.

In this essay, it will be question of the history of plastic surgery, the techniques and finally examples of other alterations of the body and the reasons why people are doing it. The first plastic surgeries that was reported took place in ancient India in 600 B. C. and were performed by a man named Sushruta.

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History of Plastic Surgery
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He reconstructed noses of criminals, which were amputated as punishment, by using their forehead skin.This technique was also used in India to repare noses of women who were beaten by their husbands. But it would not be until the Renaissance (in 1597 precisely) that the first textbook about plastic surgery would be written by the surgeon Gaspare Tagliacozzi. It was during the First World War that plastic surgery really made its first big improvement.

To help soldiers who were disfigured by a bomb or a bullet, some « plastic surgery units » were created.

Also, a lot of text book were written not long after the First World War.There was a new conception developped in the 1920’s about plastic surgery : « improving facial features rather than contending with deformities » and was started by Fanny Brice, an American actress, who got her nose changed . But between that time and today, there as been a big improvment in the variety of plastic surgeries and the techniques.

During the last decades, there has been an explosion of new kinds of plastic surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentation or breast reduction, facelift, eyelid or rhinoplasty.Those operations cost between 2000 to 5000 $ US in 1999. Before, operations were very painful. A lot of bleeding was frequent and hospitalization often lasted for more than a week because of infections or other complications.

Now, plastic surgeries are safer. It is most of the time painless and patients can go home the same day. It is all due to new techniques like lasers. Lasers have many uses in today’s plastic surgery, like for the treatment of varicose veins, for example.

They also have replaced chemical peeling and dermabrasion for facial resurfacing.Even if the recovery could be irritating, it is usually not painful and experts consider it to be the safest and most effective technique. Lasers also have other purposes such as removing brown spots and tattoos. But surgery is not the only way to change our physical appearance.

In fact, there is plenty of examples throughout the time that people have wanted to change their appearance. In China, not a long time ago, mothers bound their daughters’ feet so that it can stay very small.Also, in Africa, women in some tribes add a new neckless around their neck every year, so they have a neck that is 3 or 4 times longer than usual. Another alteration of the body is the scarcification.

Scarcification is a drawing on the skin made by a knife or something cutting. It heals and the skin keeps the skar like it is. But what are the reasons why all kind of people ( men, women, teenagers, celebrities,..

. ) are going for plastisc surgery There are a lot of good answers to that question.Some people want to improve their confidence in themselves, others want reassurance or to look younger. Some women also want to feel more feminine or sexier while others only want to fill out their cklothes.

There are usually 3 kinds of patients : those who are happy with their self-image and who want to change one characteristic of their appearance bothering them, patients with a physical flaw which reduces their self-confidence and patients with deformities caused by a medical condition.For those last patients, there are some non-profit organisations like freshstart and interplast that provide free reconstructive surgeries for poor children around the world. Finally, even if it has been proven that people happy with their self-image are more comfortable in life and more effective at work, plastic surgery does not solve all the problems and some people may be desappointed by the results because of that.In conclusion, from the history of plastic surgery to the new techniques, the other ways used to alter the body and the reasons why, we’ve learnt that people of all times and of all kinds have used plastic surgery to change their appearance.

To finish, can you guess what was the most popular plastic surgery in U. K. in 1999 If you said breast augmentation, you’re wrong ! Liposuction was the most popular with over than 9,300 operations compare to 8,000 breast implants

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