History of Technology and The Market

Throughout civilization man has changed or evolved in various ways, which has allowed him to progress to new steps in advancement. By all means in the past man was barbaric like the animals and yet somehow he overcame nature and become one with his own collective thought and became immersed in his own curiosity that eventually self composed changes came in effect.

What is this perpetual inclination within man, which causes him to question all things that are until they have become explained? Perhaps something within the brain from the beginning was given to facilitate man to these progressions. It is said, “I think therefore I am.” And thus this is the cornerstone that became the capstone of civilization.

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To dream is to imagine and to imagine is to create and to create is to invent and to invent is to with some great possibility cause a major change in a civilization both primitive and complex. The root of creativity is art, the imaginative abstract concept of creating that, which has yet to be. Within the nature of man is the ability to appreciate and enjoy art and to relate himself to art.

I believe the basis of technology is art, I believe that art has always been and always will be and that art is what separates man from the animal and from nature. Alongside technologies both primitive and advanced is the timeline of art, the railroad of arts which has given a free means of travel to the train of technology. One of the greatest artists Leonardo Divinci was not only an artist but also an inventor. He saw that art and technology are one. He understood that when perfection in art comes is when art perfects society instead of society perfecting art.

It is well observed that each civilization we have had in the past attempted to some degree to progress in the art of technology. In many cases they succeeded in small ways, yet the age of Electro-technology was not reached until our current civilization. True technology is that which is in the imitation of life itself, that which can exist and possess independent locomotion and performing capabilities. I intend to provide a view, which will educate the common man to the importance of technology, and the inevitability of it’s continuing evolution.

It is said that man uses only 10% of his brain, some theorize that there are extra sensory perceptive abilities of the homo-sapien mind. These abilities may allow a collective connection of shared ideas and thought. Perhaps at one point it existed and at another point was cut off. Perhaps it is a subconscious desire to become one with each other. The greatest fear of man is to be alone, for we are a social species.

Without technology past civilizations developed on their own and individually, and eventually they all fell. Even the greatest and most powerful, the Roman Empire. The empire fell eventually as it did not reach that point which would cause it to develop the technological arts. It evolved and succeeded in every other way and even inventing many devices which would help their society but never reaching the human hidden goal of technology.

Finally in our civilization we have unearthed and created the abilities to progress technologically. And within a 100 years the world has transmogrified in amazing ways. Ways, which can only be described in the ancient times as “magical” or “spiritual”. Man has created the internet which is a result of his subconscious fear of being alone and his hidden desire to become a common collective of thought. Millions of people worldwide link up to this Internet everyday and night and become one with everyone who also links with it.

Perhaps a child-like analogy but truth can be extracted from this interpretation. As a result the world has become greatly similar and so has thought become more common. Technology is therefore the foundation of a successful civilization and for this reason our civilization progresses and will progress like no other before it.

We have finally reached a point where technology has become advanced enough to reach the realm of abstract thinking and thus we find investors greatly and speedily dumping funds into the tech industry. To believe or to theorize that this industry will ever die is to say that the world and civilization itself will collapse. I present a history of technology from 45,000 years ago to this day. I submit that technology started as cave art and then progressed into useful tools.

Technology has always progressed and now that it has reached the point of true self sufficient and changing technology it will only continue to explode the world. It has been and will be observed that technology industries and stocks will become the most commonly invested in. Technology is always changing and evolving and the needs of people are only increasing. How could the value of technology ever die? Would our civilization dare to fall back into an agrarian society? Would it dare to plummet backwards so that our hands would become dirty again and our backs broken? Why should we plow the land when the land can plow itself?

As can be seen in this record of historical technological development, the inevitability of technology and its evolution is static. It will never stop but only increase. If the stock market fluctuates in the tech industry it only provides more evidence of the power and desire for man to create new technologies and new industries for us to progress. Eventually old economy stocks and industries will be assimilated into the technology industry. They will adapt to become servants of the technology age and fields. And this era will be seen as the birth of a new age. If one would like to dispute my argument they will have to dispute all of human history and my record of over 45,000 years of technological advancement.

I submit that no one can view these records and examine the evidence and fail to see the obvious truth. Not even in our history can a time be found where technology advanced and ceased for a time and then never progressed. It has been a steady progression. Where a civilization failed to discover the next step in technology, which is electricity and the age of true technology, the civilization fell. No civilization can ever survive forever without continual progression in technology and science. That’s is our very basis and purpose. And to conclude, I leave with a thought. If man continued as animals and did not develop the spear, we would not be here today. We were not given sharp teeth or big claws or stingers or wings but simple hands with complex usable fingers and a large brain and a self-evident purpose. “The world is yours, use what you can and create for yourself a New World.”

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