History Review Essay

HOW DID SPALDINGS CAREER MIRROR THE SOCIAL DARWINSISM OF AMERICAN BIG BUSINESS? - History Review Essay introduction?? Spalding recognized baseball’s ability to incorporate values and character traits associated with America’s frontier experience to the demands of an urbanized society without causing chaos or destruction. After all, as he put it, baseball was a game that taught “the man of tomorrow the absolute necessity of self-control” and the need to play by the rules as a member of a larger team, be it as baseball nine or society. WHAT BUSINESS PRINCIPLES DID MEN LIKE SPALDING US TO BUILD ECONOMINC EMPIRES? Although he shared many of the sentiments and goals of such people, he was above all a flamboyant entrepreneur out to enhance his personal fortune by encouraging popular interest in sport. No effort better demonstrates all these tendencies than his world tour of professional baseball players engineered between October 1888 and April expanding his empire through out the country. WHAT EFFECTS DID THESE POLICIES HAVE ON LABORERS?

Spalding hoped to spread American manliness and virtue by introducing baseball to the world in dramatic style. Baseball was also his business and Spalding intended to mix idealism with practical calculation. His reason for going to Australia was “for the purpose of extending my sporting-goods business to that quarter of the globe and to create a market for goods there.”

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* “Grass roots”
* people that were hard working
* political party for 20 years
* interested in rural life and family
* 50% lived in rural areas
* had socialized tendencies
* wanted a graduated income tax
* come from the white middle class and elite class
* high education level
* reformers not raticals (will go to extreme measures to get what they want done) * diverse people (disagreed with one another) that’s why they never formed a party it was a movement * big government

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* reactionary movement
* dominated protestants /evangelical consensus
* preached gospel
* led Walter raushenbruch= hells kitchen
* thought that Christianity was to involoved in documentary and socializing and what you did in the name of god HOW DID THE PHLIGHT OF AFRICAN AMERICANS LIKE MOSES FLEETWOOD WALKER MIRROR AMERICANS SOCIAL PROBLEMS? Fleet Walker was an absolute Renaissance man who had a bright major-league career cut short by the atavistic mentality that ruled late 19th-century American baseball. The powers that be in the American Association had agreed with their National League counterparts to observe the N.L.’s unwritten rule banning blacks from its rosters. In the 19th century racism was very big they separated mostly everything.

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