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Hoest candy

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Hoses Candy Introduction: Hoses Is one of the oldest known candy name In Pakistan. The name Itself Is enough to restore the Image of It’s almost transparent white wrapper plus the white candy itself. It was a B class product but recently it lost it’s existence from it’s target market. As old as this candy and it’s associations are, one cannot find any relevance/ information about it’s manufacturer even the candy itself because none is provided.

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Hoest candy
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Branding: It appears that the name “Hoses” was itself enough for it’s branding some years back s people still remember this name till today but no efforts were made to make it memorable for our next generation who relay mostly on the modern branding techniques. 1. The packaging of hoses is still the same as It was when it first CAE In the market. Not a single change has been made to refresh It’s identity. . The branding of hoses was never done at any point.

For some time the name Itself was enough but today they need a proper representation of their product and their company. Methods: As the name is already established, one just need to refresh it’s branding style to store it’s old value. For this purpose the most effective way can either be an information poster or a calendar.

The indoor use of information posters or calendars will not only be a fresh start for Hoses again but it also be beneficial for the company’s reorganization. Conclusion: The name of this product is already established. With creative branding technique it can retain it’s place back In it’s market and with a better Image in it’s target audience. There is a need to do some work on the reorganization of the company name plus the product Image.

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