Home Remedy for Bone Spur Essay

There are number of home remedies for treatment of Bone Spur - Home Remedy for Bone Spur Essay introduction. Some of them are listed below: Cut a paper in the shape of heel and immerses it in apple cider vinegar. Now wear this paper regularly at least for 4-5 days and find relief from heel spurs. The water include chlorine is also useful in taking away the pain and reduce inflammation caused in the body due to Spur. Borax solution is one of the easy and effective home remedies for treating “Heel spurs” (a form of born spur).

Soak your feet regularly in Borax solution and you feel difference in pain and swelling within few days. The green fresh cabbage leaves are also suggested as a valuable remedy for the treatment of heel spurs at home. Bind these leaves around affected area and place a paper wrap around it. Than leave it for some time. Coconut oil massage and intake of coconut capsules is useful in relieving the heel from uneasiness and pain. The solution of apple cider vinegar with molasses and baking soda is also considered as excellent home remedy for external cure of heel spurs.

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Home Remedy for Bone Spur Essay
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Ice pack application around the affected area is pretty helpful in controlling the pain and also help the muscles to calm down and reduce the swelling. Continue doing this 4 to 5 times a day. Yellow pigment in turmeric is called curcumin. Curcumin is also useful in treating heel spur. You may eat 500 mg of curcumin empty stomach daily in the morning. Consumption of foods rich in calcium is excellent for Bone spur and also work as great home remedies for treatment of heel spurs. Drink alfalfa tea regularly more than twice a day. By doing so, you may feel reduction in pain and discomfort level.

Applying a hot pack using flax seeds is also useful in treating heel spurs. Another way of relieving pain is to soak a piece of cheesecloth in warm linseed oil, put it across the heel and cover it up with a plastic wrap for at least an hour. Heel Spur Treatments – Additional Approaches Many of the therapeutic interventions listed above are essential to recovering from a heel spur, but they do not stand alone. These other approaches also have a deserved place in heel spur therapeutics: • Night Splints – Night splints are worn to keep the heel stretched during sleep.

They prevent the arch of the foot from becoming contracted at night, which reduces pain. • Ultrasound – A device that applies high frequency sound vibrations to create a deep heat and reduce inflammation, ultrasound is commonly applied for heel spurs by physical therapists. • Hydrotherapy – Placing the feet in a warmed whirlpool bath directly on a jetted stream can help increase blood circulation to relax and loosen the plantar fascia. • Acupuncture – By increasing circulation within the feet, acupuncture can reduce inflammation and plantar tension while moving exudate out.

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