Home Schooling is a Better Choice

Education is considered as a wealth that other people cannot take away from anyone - Home Schooling is a Better Choice introduction. It can take an individual to far places, allow him or her to do greater things, and make it possible to have a brighter future. No matter how poor or how difficult it is to send a child to school, every parent would want to give their children a chance to have a quality education. There are some cases when a child has to be home schooled. Home-schooling is the better alternative aside from sending a child to a normal school; and it is not as dangerous as some people think it is.

This is why many parents who preferred to home-school their children reacted to a new court ruling that would make them criminals for teaching without credentials. This law was proposed by Justice H. Walter of the Los Angeles’ Second District Court of Appeal. He reasoned out that children aged six to 18 should attend public school unless exempted. Parents who home-school their children reacted because they believe that home-schooling is better than sending their children to public or private schools.

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Home Schooling is a Better Choice
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Moreover, parents believe that they, and not the state, know better what is best for their children, including how they should be educated. In addition, parents reasoned out that since private schools do not necessarily require their teachers to have credentials, why are parents not allowed to teach their children even without a credential? (Yskamp, 2008). Home-schooling is a better option to steer children away from the dangers and the pitfalls associated with public schools (Distantschooling, 2006).

Children are not at risk of bullying at school, or of alcohol and drugs or other negative influences. There is also a strengthened bonding between parents and children as they spend more time together, thus further reinforcing the family in the American society (Pride, 2009). Moreover, home-schooling enables parents to meet the unique needs of their children that will otherwise be ignored in classrooms accommodating more than 30 kids. There are also parents who reported that home-schooling best fits the learning needs of their children (Yskamp, 2008).

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