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Homelessness and Veterans



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    Homelessness is usually defined as “a person who lacks a fixed regular and adequate night time residence ”(Facts and figures: The homelessness). Homelessness in the United States is very common. If you are walking on the streets of New York or any city in United States it is almost certain that you will see a person or several persons that are sleeping on the street corner or in the subway station. This has always been a major concern for the government. The US government is trying its best to keep people off the street and there are over 3000 homeless shelters in America. Homelessness in the United States) Veterans in America are much more likely to go on the streets rather than someone that has never participated in the military (Homelessness in America).

    About one in four homeless people are veterans but there are only 11% of the US nation former veterans. (Veterans make up 1 in 4 homeless). When veterans come home from war they get all kind of benefits, e. g. loans, free health care and further education. Homeless veterans are much better educated than non veteran homeless people and are much more likely to get a job before they become homeless. Veterans Benefits) Many people than question why there are so many homeless veterans in the United States. There are many reasons why there are so many homeless veterans. The main reason why they become homeless is because the veterans often get mental illnesses when they are fighting in a war, when the vets come home from the war they start drinking and using drugs because of these illnesses and become homeless. Way do veterans become homeless? There are many reasons why veterans are more likely to become homeless rather than non-vets.

    The main reason why veterans become homeless the government says is because of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Many veterans suffer from this stress disorder when they come back home from war. (Homeless veterans face new battle for survive). You can get PTSD if you experience something horrific e. g. if you see someone dying or serious injuries. The symptoms of PTSD are many and not all people experience the same symptoms, but the most common symptoms are difficulty falling asleep, eing scared of everything and have difficulty constricting on things. (Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and acute disorder). The people that are diagnosed with PTSD often start drinking and use drugs. And this affects their family life and the ability to work.

    This often leads to that the people with PTSD become homeless. (Homelessness among our veterans). But many veterans have some kind of stress disorder down under that they got before joining the military e. g. exposure to physical or sexual abuse. Homelessness) And these people often go to the military because they do not fit in a normal surroundings and want to have strict discipline , and almost everything in the military is done for you. There is a team that this people will never see and they tell them what to do and when to do it e. g. sleep, eat and when you have doctor’s appointment etc. And then when this people quit in the military they don’t fit in the society and become homeless. (United States Armed Forces: What are some reasons veterans become homeless?

    Some people say that homelessness among veterans is not only because of their military experience. They say that veterans become homeless for the same reasons as other people e. g. poverty, health issues and they cannot afford to buy or rent a house. But the reason why veterans become homeless rather than non-veterans is because they face additional challenges when they come home from war. These additional challenges can be because of stress that the former veterans experienced in the military training, this stress can affect the self-esteem, the personality and the ability for the veteran to communicate.

    And veterans have little or no experience in normal jobs, if the veterans cannot get a job they cannot afford a house and become homeless: (Veterans). It’s a vicious cycle. Joblessness leads to homelessness, which leads to hopelessness, substance abuse and/or depression, which limit the veteran’s ability to find a new job. (Housing Program) Many employees are afraid to hire veterans because many vets have killed people and employees are afraid that the veteran will snap and do something stupid. This may sound ridiculous but this is the truth.

    Homeless American Veterans) Now veterans coming from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can get help from the VA (Veterans administration) so they do not become homeless. (Homelessness) The VA helps them get a job, go back to school and give them loan to buy a house. The VA has a health service that the vets can use. And many of the veterans use this service for the mental issues that they have. (What can VA do for me). But not all veterans can assess this service because this service is only provided in certain areas where there is a military base, and not all veterans live near these arias.

    If they do not live near these areas they cannot access these health services and the illness will get worse and the veterans will start drinking, doing drugs and eventually they will end on the street. (Homelessness) The VA has also been accused that they do not work fast enough. It can take several months for the VA to work on someone’s claim for mental illness. A person with a mental illness cannot wait for many months for any kind of help from the VA. The person often begins to become more depressed and loses his connection with his family and gets isolated.

    In some cases it has taken 4 years for the VA to resolve a claim. (Why do many war veterans become homeless? ) Many explanations After reading this paper you can see that there is not just one explanation why American veterans become homeless rather than non- veterans. We will never be sure why people that have served the military are more likely to end up on the street rather than people that haven’t served the country. We know that the main reason why the veterans become homeless is because the experience a lot of stress and terrible events e. g. urder when they are in the military, this can affect their mental healthiness and many veterans are diagnosed with PTSD(Post-traumatic stress disorder).

    Another reason why veterans become homeless is because they have additional challenges when they come back home from war, they have to worry about poverty and health issues like other people but they also have to worry about lack of job experience and stress that affects their self-esteem. There is just one thing we know for sure and that is that the American people are proud of the veterans and it doesn’t matter if they are homeless or not they will always be proud of them.

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