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Homosexuality Essay

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In 20th century attitude toward gay community was very negative. However, in recent years gay and lesbians are gaining more rights. The biggest problem that homosexuals are facing right now is not being able to adopt a child. There are 22 states where they are allowed to adopt and it is seen there that they are adopting in increasing numbers. Ongoing legal battles over same-sex marriage have drawn increasing public attention to the question of whether lesbian and gay families can raise happy, healthy children.

However, there is no evidence that person’s sexual orientation will influence the child and make him a worst parent.

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In order to find out if homosexual couples could raise happy and healthy children, researchers presented a study of lesbian mothers and their children, as well as a comparison group of heterosexual couple and their children.

The average age of the children at the time that the study was performed was about 9 years old. The follow up study was in 1990’s and the average age of the young people at follow up was about 23 years old.

This study was performed in order to see if children who grow up in a family led by a lesbian mother would have disadvantages in terms of their social, psychological and sexual orientation in comparison to children who were raised by heterosexual couple. It was found:

1. Children from lesbian mother families were no more likely than heterosexual families to experience peer pressure during adolescence, and most were able to integrate close friends outside their family life. They also were no more likely to recall being teased specifically about their mother. I think every child gets teased either he is tall or short, thin or fat.

2. Findings relating to the sexual orientation of children are generally that children from lesbian family were not more likely to identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

3. In regards to psychological adjustment men and women raised by lesbian mothers were no more likely than others to experience mental health problems in adulthood. The scores for both young adults on depression and anxiety tests fell within the normal range. In no one’s background have sought professional help for mental health problems.

One of the children they interviewed from lesbian mother family was Ben. He was 20 years old at follow up study. Ben had few good friends at school. In high school some students even thought his family was really cool. Ben always considered himself as heterosexual and reported that all his sexual experiences only had been with women. Ben’s general attitude toward growing up in a lesbian mother family first was a little bit embarrassing. However it changed during his during his adolescence. Now he is more up front in telling others about his family background. He said: “Why should I hide that my mom has a girlfriend, it only makes it worse.”

I think that homosexual parents should be able to adopt a child because there are so many children who need good, loving homes. Here gay couples serve as parents and they are able to give them a better future and life that they deserve.

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