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Hospital Management Software

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  • Pages 3
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    This project is aimed at developing a platform where all the hospitals, doctors and the ambulance services within a fixed area are brought under a single online application. Here anyone can access the application from anywhere at any time. The database stores the details of all the hospitals and doctors along with their specializations and consulting time slots. At once a person get access to this application all his previous and present medical records will be stored to the database. It also provides a 24 hours ambulance information facility.Doctors logging in should be able to update their patients’ medical records and access their previous medical records.


    • CASE I It is not a case that one person often visits the doctor. The treatment details of one patient in a hospital will not be available in another. For efficient medical assistance all the previous medical records of a patient should be available with his doctor.
    • CASE II The doctor who suits best for our requirements cannot be simply recognized from one hospital alone. The fields in which each doctor specializes may vary. They may be working in different hospitals too.
    • CASE III It is not that easy to identify the nearest ambulance service. All these details cannot be made available as a database for one hospital alone.


    All the above stated difficulties can be managed by the proposed system where we can integrate all the hospitals within a fixed area. In our database, the details of all the doctors in these hospitals along with their specializations can be stored. A person in need can access to this application and get appointment with a doctor whom they wish to consult.

    All his previous medical records and treatment details will be stored by the doctor for future references. There will be an id generated for all the patients. And the doctors will be having a permanent id. A 24X7 ambulance information facility can provide each person with the information about the nearest ambulance service by using global positioning system.


    • ADMINISTRATOR He has the privilege to access all the details in the database that are not visible to the users. All the details cannot be made available to the users, such as information about doctors. The personal details of doctors are not supposed to be open to public. This is done to ensure security. Only the administrator can view and edit these details.
    • USER Whenever a user logins, a user id is given. Select the hospital and appropriate doctor from the search list. The time slot given can be compared and send request for appointment. Treatment details can be retrieved. Request for ambulance services can be made.
    • DOCTOR-LOGIN A doctor id is given whenever he logs in. Time slot is set for each doctor. Entering treatment details. Each patient id can be used to access his previous records.
    • AMBULANCE DRIVER Each ambulance driver is given a particular id. A flag is used which is set when he is engaged and reset when he is free. Location is also entered. Use global positioning system.

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