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Hotel Management System

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Inventory Product System is a software application which you can use to see and view the inventory of products. It is designed to record all products that goes into and comes out of the store. The system will maintain product records, search the availability of the particular product and produce summary and details inventory reports that helps the user to record faster and efficient, and reduced human error. It is also user-friendly in working environment designed based in common inventory transaction.

This system is to be created and use for Sugaritta who had a manual inventory process in their store. II. Background of Project

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Hotel Management System
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The Inventory System will start just like the manual inventory process of Sugaritta in the store. The OIC will record the product that has been delivered to the store. Customers will choose what to buy. When a product is sold, employee will update the system. At the end of the day, the OIC will check and count the stock of their products that was sold and then the process will continue until the end of the month.

The OIC will check and count the total of all remaining stocks of their product and make a summary inventory report to see which product are needed to be replenished. Swim-lane Representation of Sugaritta’s Manual Inventory Process

Update Product stock Record the product has been delivered Sell products Product purchase Yes No Continue Selling? Check daily inventory product record Produce a Summary of inventory product report Yes No Continue selling? Yes No Purchase? Update Product stock Record the product has been delivered Sell products Product purchase Yes No Continue Selling? Check daily inventory product record Produce a Summary of inventory product report Yes No Continue selling? Yes No Purchase? OIC Employee Customer ` III. Reasons and Importance of the Project Inventory management is vitally important for any business that sells products.

Computers and bar codes allow for a more efficient management of inventory and provide a clearer view of inventory movement. More businesses are using transactional review systems because computerized systems can link to the point of sale with automatic debiting of inventory occurring in real time when the sale occurs. The reasons of having an Inventory Product System because it is usually needed source from business operation. Most companies and stores use an inventory management system that will manage the inventory of their products; it is required to record the details of their product.

Because it’s hard for them to record their inventory manually that sometime they misplace, hard time in updating product record, and it cause more paper works. We create this system for Sugaritta, for them to have a proper way of recording product inventory, have an easier time in searching the availability of the particular product, and produce a safe copy of their inventory reports that is easy to find and to increase their customers’ satisfaction by store’s efficient inventory. . IV.

Possible Beneficiaries Beneficiaries of the Project Officer-in-charge – the system will help to check, search and show the result of their particular product in easier time. It also helps to stored all the important details of them that provide a safe/soft copy and produce a hard copy of their inventory report. Employee – Aside from OIC, the system will provide beneficiary to the employee too. They will have an easier time in updating the product record and provide the list product purchase of the customer.

Customer/Clients the system will provide history of their product purchase that will increase their satisfaction with the store’s – efficient inventory. The figure shows the possible beneficiaries of this system. The system will provide a better way of managing product inventory that can reduce time spent in searching for products and making paper works. List and details of their product (soft/hard copy) List and details of their product (soft/hard copy) Product Purchase History Product Purchase History Office-in-Charge Office-in-Charge Inventory Product System Inventory Product System

Employee Employee Customers/ Clients Customers/ Clients Check the list of product Check the list of product Updated product record details Updated product record details Update the product record Update the product record V. Methodologies to be Used Before we could build this system, we need some method and advice from the person who working in Sugarrita that has manual inventory process. We conduct an interview and ask them what the process of their inventory. Some of the detail that we have been gathered will be a source and use as a guide for our Inventory System.

We also conduct an interview about their problem in order to study their difficulties in inventory so that we can build a strategy in designing our system. We’re study and analyze about the traditional process of their inventory system as the swim-lane flowchart showed, to apply all the knowledge that we gathered and source to the system in order to follow their manual inventory process that they do such as showing/displaying immediately the result of updated status of their products, check the product availability and creating summary inventory reports as they doing at the end of day and month.

Our group will use Visual Basic 6. 0 (VB6) and Microsoft Access. Visual Basic is the basic programming language that we are going to use to design the layout of our system and it process while in Microsoft access is use for storing some product source that are going to enter in the record. We will use this two application for such reason, that contains a object needed for the system. Beside the VB6 provide an execution code to run the system and secure the list of inventory and summary of monthly deliveries.

We implement the traditional inventory process and add some good features so the design and process of our system will be help them to use easily. To start using the program, it has some similarities to the usual inventory software application which have a simple command that you can add the new order, update, search, save, cancel, delete and print. Action will perform through direct process of this command. When all the list of inventory product is done, the user can decide what command is going to use if the user want to save the list or to print the detail of the inventory.

User can also load the save file and edit. VI. Review of related System Title: Inventory Stock Control v1. 0. 3. 8 (Production Control) Author: Jim Riley Inventory Stock Control software will let you control any production stock. It can define unlimited products check productions and materials, define composite products and stocks production and break-down hours, define subcontractors, and some more. Similarities The system features and capabilities likely have the following similarities: * The system can add the new product, delete, and save. It can check the remaining stock of the product. * It has a print option which displays all the list of inventory of the store to the spread sheet. Difference The system features and capabilities likely have the following difference: * The system can search the availability of particular product. * It will allow to display and customize the image of a product. * It will sort/arrange the list of products just like in alphabetical order.

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