Hotel Observation in Paris: Hotel Elysees Regencia vs. Hotel Moliere Luluah Alsaif Essay

Hotel Observation in Paris: Hotel Elysees Regencia vs - Hotel Observation in Paris: Hotel Elysees Regencia vs. Hotel Moliere Luluah Alsaif Essay introduction. Hotel Moliere

            People have different priorities in life. There were some who would find themselves away for most of the time because of work. Such predicament has allowed hotels to formulate their own ways in making their haven a home away from home. One fascinating thing about hotels is how the space could allow individuals to interact with strangers and form new relations. For such, I have decided to make a comparison between Hotel Elysees Regencia and the Hotel Moliere.

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Hotel Observation in Paris: Hotel Elysees Regencia vs. Hotel Moliere Luluah Alsaif Essay
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            Hotel Elysees Regencia is  a four star hotel found in the heart of Paris. Museums and other tourist spots, such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eifell Tower. In addition to this, other attractions may also be found around the hotel, that would make it easier for guests to have fun and spend leisure time. From the first time that I entered the Hotel Elysees Regencia, I could not help but marvel in awe each detail the hotel paid tribute to. The receptionists were very friendly towards everyone, especially the guests. In addition to this, the friendly staff speaks English fluently, which may also be considered as one of their greatest assets.

            I was patiently waiting for our room, when I saw the great deal of happiness and contentment in each of the guests coming in. For some reasons, the ambience of the hotel has an effect on the people coming in. The lobby is spacious enough to accommodate enough people, and yet silence may still be observed. People are seen sitting comfortably in the couches while relaxing and exchanging ideas.

            The elevator doors opened to the floor of my room. I was surprised to see the great deal of detail given to each of the corners of the hall. The carpeted area would make each guest feel comfortable and at ease with the rooms. Furthermore, I even noticed that there were only a few people outside of their rooms. There were even 3 children running across the hall, but their running feet could not be heard because of the comfortable carpet seen on the floor.

            The room itself was another sight to marvel at. Guests had the option of choosing the color of the rooms, based on their availability. I had mine in blue to match the tranquility I was after. I must say that the room has exceeded my expectations, especially the excessive space that I was given. There was enough room for me to keep my things and at the same time do not feel uneasy with the number of priorities to care for. The bathroom was consistent with the romantic and tranquil setting the room was exhibiting. Petals were arranged on top of the towels in such a manner that would make the guests appreciate the place more.

Furthermore, the toiletries found inside, were not the usual ones found in hotel rooms. Lying in the bed was also very comfortable. I was able to see the view through the window while still lying comfortably on the bed. For an additional price, I was also given the opportunity to eat breakfast while still in the comfort of my bedroom. I must say that the staffs in this hotel were all very accommodating, and each greatly catering to my needs and requests.

I spent a few hours outside of my room to try and decipher the different movements people had in this hotel. I must say that the hotel had a way of keeping the place filled, while still keeping the noise and the population down. I also saw how people who wanted to find solace would come to the hotel to relax and have some fun. In addition to this, the place has been the haven of numerous tourists, especially lovers who wanted time out for themselves. The hotel also houses families, wherein the bonds children formed with their parents may be strengthened further. I must say that a positive attitude surrounds this hotel and its people, for many came out of the hotel showing a sense of contentment in their faces.

Furthermore, I must comment on the exceedingly good service that the receptionist, Kathrin, gave the guests. She recognized each guest without asking for the names, and acknowledged each one with a smile. In addition to this, she was also patient and very helpful especially to the tourists who stayed in their hotel. The bell boys, on the other hand were also very accommodating. I remember not worrying about my things, because the bell boy was able to transport them safely, while also opening the elevator and the doors for me. Furthermore, the room attendants also treated me with utmost courtesy. Whenever I had requests, these were immediately brought to the room. I did not have to follow up on such requests, nor call the front desk for cancellations. Everything was done according to my preferences and requests.

I believe that it is also appropriate to say that the location of the hotel played an important role to its success. The hotel was situated in the heart of Paris, and may serve as the temporary home of tourists. As many would have it, people would prefer to visit the many historical sights found in Paris. Being situated in the heart of Paris was an advantage for many, and having the Hotel Elysees Regencia nearby was the answer to the many queries people may have. One thing that may also be considered in this hotel is the reasonable price they offer guests and tourists alike. The rates the hotel has is extremely reasonable, for the kind of service and accommodation they would give guests. One’s stay would at the Hotel Elysees Regencia would definitely be a memorable one.

            On the other hand, Hotel Moliere also had much to show its guests. Found in the heart of the business district, the hotel was considered to be a home away from home. The location of the hotel is also beneficial for many, because of the numerous establishments found nearby. Guests from all ages and all walks of life would appreciate the kind of accommodation that may be found in the comfort of one’s home.

In addition to this, the said hotel may be recommended for people who are following a strict budget, and would only stay in the hotel to sleep. The hotel may seem larger from the outside, but becomes sleeker as the guests enter the lobby. As compared to the Hotel Elysees Regencia, Hotel Moliere has a more “homey” feeling for the guests. This may be attributed to the fact that the lobby looks like a receiving area of a house. However, not much people may be seen hanging on the lobby as compared with the above mentioned. This may be attributed to the fact that most of the guests who stay in the hotel are tourists. These may be further complimented by the fact that the receptionists are seen assisting the guests on which places to go to.

            On my way to the room, I noticed that the whole structure of the hotel was similar to the chic design of an old house. Aside from tourists, I noticed that many families and elderly people were seen around the area. I attribute this fact to the setting of the hotel. I entered the room expecting it to be bare and simple. However, I was surprised to see the colorful wallpaper that matched the comforter on the bed. Everything seemed to be personalized, as if touched by a family member. On the table, I even found a vase of flowers that helped compliment the room.

            I remember having the bell boy tell me that they would be happy to assist and cater to all of my needs. I felt welcomed in the said hotel, yet there were also some factors that I did not like. Compared to the Hotel Elysees Regencia, the carpet in the hallway was dirty and uneven. There were times when I had to make sure that I wore my shoes or slippers before walking on the hallways. In addition to this, the restaurant was small, and would be uncomfortable for others to dine. However, it may still be noted that the people form the higher classes would avail of the Hotel Elysees Regencia. I must say that the amount of service being offered by hotels may vary on the prices these hotels charge on their guests. Regardless of such notion, both hotels were geared towards the satisfaction and comfort of their guests, and these were all exhibited in a positive manner. A thumbs up for both hotels.

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