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Hotel Strategic Marketing Plan

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Surname First Name Student ID Name of ProgrammeTourism and Hotel Management Name of Paper Facilitator Assignment No. Unit Standard No. (If Applicable) Total No. of pages (including cover) Submission Date Date received by facilitator Date returned to student Concept Statement and Mission Statement Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri is an upscale hotel brand that delivers a refreshing and inviting guest experience that is reflective of the local community. Copthorne Hotel and Resort delivers a vibrant, engaging and genuine hotel experience that gives guests and clients the confidence to step out and explore the local neighborhood.

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Hotel Strategic Marketing Plan
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Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri is unique and designed to reflect the local culture and geography of the surrounding area while the brand ensures consistent and first class service. Mission Statement To provide exceptional hospitality services and unique hotel products to our valued guests. We will carry out our vision through our commitment to our core values: Integrity – We will maintain the highest standard in all our actions.

Teamwork – We will work together to achieve our goals. Individual Worth – We recognize our individual team members and their contributions.

Standard of Excellence – We will provide our guests with a superior quality product and make an effort to be better than our competitors. Personalized Guest Service – We will meet the specific needs of each guest with a professional, friendly, prompt and courteous attitude from all staff at all times. Being able to pursuit these core values will ensure the financial success and growth for Copthorne Hotel and Resort and its team member. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Brand new – Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri is the only Five Star Hotel in Kerikeri at present.

Five Star – Qualmark Five Star recognition. Kerikeri town centre – Walking distance to Kerikeri town. Swimming Pool and Spa – Architecturally designed EnviromentalPool© free from chlorine and other chemicals. The pool and spa blend into the natural surroundings. Massage and Beauty Spa – A team of highly skilled and professionally trained beauty, massage and hair stylists available on site. Copthorne Workout – State of the art cardiovascular and weight training equipment. Wifi – Free Wifi with no data cap. Customer Loyalty – Customers are loyal to the Copthorne brand Weaknesses:

Price – More expensive than your average hotel in Kerikeri. Orientation – Business orientated and not family orientated enough. Airport Transfer – No special transportation shuttle to the airport. (However one can be arranged using a local taxi company). Opportunities: Improving economic conditions – Dynamic growth in emerging markets. Demand – Between national and international guests can be easily managed due to difference in the period of holidays. Product and Services expansion – Being part of a chain allows easier access to new popular services and products before our competitors and at cheaper rices as relationships have been made. Weddings – Conference Rooms that could be easily used for weddings. Or using our park like settings for outdoor weddings. Threats: Frequent World Crisis – Natural disasters (earthquakes). Credit Crunch – The fear that the travel and tourism industry will see a slow down in revenue as consumers spend and travel less. Competitors – As the town gets bigger and population grows more chain brands are going to build hotels in the area. Target Market Strategy Primary Markets Business Groups:

Corporate groups will make up the bulk of the hotels occupancy. Corporate groups such as businesses (accounting and law firms). Chain stores choosing our hotel for a conference location. Military and Educational. The corporate group will consist of people at the hotel for seminars, conventions, trade association shows and similar gatherings of ten or more people. The business traveler is typically a male aged between 30 – 55 years and they are looking for efficiency and effectiveness in a timely manner to conduct business when they are away from home.

Travelers in the business group segment typically prefer hotels with extensive meeting spaces, state of the art business technology, food and beverage facilities available on site and any other miscellaneous components required to host meetings and banquets. The business traveler is less price sensitive than leisure travelers so marketing our hotel towards the business traveler is a good way of boosting out hotels profits. Corporate accounts also tend to exhibit limited space sensitivity and they book in large blocks leading to higher profit margins.

Occupancy will remain strong Monday – Friday with business travelers making up a predicted 90% of the hotel occupancy year round. Leisure Group: Unlike the weekday prominence of the business groups, the leisure market segment tends to fill rooms on Friday and Saturday nights. Leisure travelers also book weekday stays during holiday periods. This is when the commercial trade is traditionally down. The leisure demand in market is primarily generated by local attractions. Visits to family and friends also provide incentive for the leisure traveler.

Leisure travelers typically stay from one to four nights with the rate of double occupancy ranging from two to four per room. Leisure demand depends heavily on the amount of disposable income available. The leisure traveler is looking for relaxation away from home or to attend personal affairs such as weddings, funerals or birthday party’s. The leisure traveler is typically made up of two people or a family of four aged between 4 – 15 and 25 – 40. The leisure group will account for a predicted 10% of the hotels occupancy on a year round basis. Secondary Market

The ‘Spontaneous Traveler’ is another type of market that Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri will try and aim for. A spontaneous traveler is some who likes to pack up and hit the road not being sure where they will stop for the night. They tend to travel where and when they please. Seeing new sights and meeting interesting people is very important to the spontaneous traveler. They are usually aged between 20 – 30 and they often have a limited budget. How does Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri plan on capturing this small but important market?

By advertising on daily deal sites such as GrabOne and by advertising on accommodation website such as Wotif. com. Technology is very important in trying to capture this type of market. By making sure that the daily deal sites we use are able to be viewed on iPhone and Android phone browsers so that the traveler can make reservations/bookings while on the road. The spontaneous traveler will make up a predicted 5% of the hotels occupancy on a year round basis. Teritary Markets Consumer Loyalty: Consumer loyalty at Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri mean frequent stays.

A loyal customer is a customer who keeps coming back because they like the brand and the services offered to them. Loyal guests who stay at Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri 10 plus times are invited to join the prestige ‘Select Guest’ loyalty program. Members enjoy complimentary perks such as faster wifi service, complimentary morning beverage, complimentary pressing and shoe shines. The loyal guest is typically the mature travelers who are people aged 50 plus. The loyal customer will make up a predicted 2% of the hotel overall yearly occupancy. Product Strategy

Business Services: Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri will offer business services for guests on business travel. Guests on business travel will be able to keep up to date with whats happening in the office while away from it. Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri offers free wifi and printing services. For more significant business services the hotel also offer use of a business centre, which has scanning, copying and faxing facilities. Shipping and postage facilities are also available at no extra cost to the guest. Meeting Planning and Executive Services:

Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri offers a choice of venues for meetings, incentives or social events for groups of all sizes from board meetings to annual conventions. One site sales and event planning staff are available to help planners create the perfect event. All state of the art equipment with the latest technology is available. Accommodation Packages: Revitalize Body and Soul two night package. This package consists of luxury accommodation in either a poolside room or spa room featuring a 6 foot spa bath, private balcony or patio offering stunning views of the surrounding natural environment.

This package includes luxurious bath robes and slippers waiting in your room, gourmet cooked breakfast each morning. One 45 minute reflexology treatment each, one 30 minute Indian Head Massage each. Daily 30 minute private sauna or steam session. A 10% discount on all other spa services and a last checkout of 12 noon. This package is perfect for the guest who is feeling stressed and needs time to just relax and unwind after a busy week. Over 50’s: Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri is offering an exclusive 4 night offer for people over 50.

This amazing offer includes 4 nights dinner, bed and breakfast plus free local transfers around town (including to Paihia). Free access to the local golf club, complimentary drink on arrival and a complimentary 1 day local sight seeing tour of your choice. Competitive and Positioning Strategies In Kerikeri there are three main hotels that will be Copthorne Hotel and Resorts main competitors. All three hotels offer similar amenities and services as the Copthorne Hotel. However at Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri quality management is considered as a very powerful factor in achieving customer satisfaction.

Five star hotels are positioned at the top of the market, selling high quality products and services at higher than average prices than most hotels and motels. By providing quality food and services like: Providing a unique quality of food and fresh local product. Breath taking location, best modern amenities with personalized service. The design and architecture is inspired by the local scenery and everything blends into the natural environment. By offering services like this, this is how Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri is able to compete and stay above its competitors.

Market Strategy Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kerikeri’s targeted overall occupancy rate is 70%. January, February, March: (Peak) Average room rate is $220. 00 per night. Leisure guests are targeted. Special holiday packages are available. Spontaneous traveler. April, May, June: (Off) Average room rate is $150. 00 per night. Leisure guests are targeted, special winter deals. Spontaneous traveler. Business Traveler July, August, September: (Off) Average room rate is $120. 00 per night. Spontaneous traveler Business traveler.

October, November, December: (Peak) Average room rate is $200. 00 per night. Leisure Guests are targeted. Special holiday packages are available. Spontaneous traveler. Expected room revenue for year one is $57,960. 00. References Copthorne Hotel Auckland Harbor City. www. milleniumhotels. com David Weaver, Laura Lawton (2010) Tourism Management Fourth Edition, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. Hilton Auckland Hotel. www. hilton. com Hospitality Market Segmentation. www. hotelmule. com Hotel Demand Segmentation. www. hvs. com

Peter Rix (2011), Marketing: a practical approach 7th Edition, McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Limited. Investors: Our Strategy. www. ihgplc. com Maarit Karppinen Strategic Marketing for a Hotel. Publications. theseus. com Segmenting The Business Traveler Market. www. tandfonline. com Strategies to Overcome Marketing threats. Smallbusiness. chron. com The Rezidor Hotel Group – Our Growth Strategy. www. rezidor. com ———————– Expensive Moderate Service High Service KK Park Motel Homestead Hotel Copthorne Less Expensive Keri Court Motel

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