How Clothing Represent Your Identity

It is said that a picture is worth a thousands word, the same can be said about clothing. Out of the hundreds different shape, color, size and styles of clothing we make a choice what to wear everyday. Clothing can be a complex form of nonverbal communication, just like hand signs your clothes carries various meanings. To you your clothes embody your ideas, interest and beliefs. But what you see and others see will not be the same because everyone has their own background and beliefs. The 1988- 1989 Detroit Pistons illustrate how clothing represent your identity. When people usually associate nonverbal communication with hand gestures, facial expressions and behavior. Dress is another form of nonverbal communication that can also …show more content…

Together Laimbeer and Mahorn would work together to wear down that would attempt to score inside the paint with a push, elbow or illegal screen. As a result of the Pistons play style other teams and the media didn’t take to kindly to them. People started to accuse them of intentionally trying to injurie players. There was an incident between Rick Mahorn and Michael Jordan, when Mahorn threw Jordan to the ground as message. Jordan then accused Mahorn for trying to end his career. Soon after headlines came in about the Detroit Pistons, a Los Angeles Times headline read “THUGS OF THE NBA”. The article attack the Pistons claiming that the aggressive play was ruining the game of basketball. In became clear that the Pistons were labeled as the misfits of the NBA. Instead of letting the negative comments offset their success they owned it, becoming the “Bad Boys” of the NBA. Isiah Thomas decided that they were going to be like the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders were known for their cutthroat win first persona. Isiah Thomas said “not only do we want to dominate you physically, but we wanted to crush to mentally”. With this new Bad Boy persona the Detroit Pistons became the Oakland Raiders of the NBA. Now that we have understand the identity of the 1988 -1989 Detroit Pistons let us take a look at how this influenced their dress. At the beginning of the Bad Boy era the Pistons wore Oakland Raider t-shirts and hats. By wearing Oakland .

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