How culture and diversity play a role in families


            The posting discussed how culture and diversity play a role in families, communities, and individuals. People are different from each other because of their cultural and racial differences. As such, it cannot be helped if they experience a clash when dealing with people that have different opinions and ideas from them. However, the differences does not always bring about negativity, as it can produce a way in which people learn from each other and grow together as a community.

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            I think that there is no truth in the statement made wherein it is said that the United States lack to give attention to culturally diverse families. The government has had made numerous adjustments to make the lives of immigrants and non-Caucacians comfortable and easy in the country. They are offered jobs and laws against discrimination have been made to make it easier for them to obtain jobs and play their part in the society. At this time, the country is even being led by a black president. It is therefore inaccurate to say that the United States does not give much attention to culturally diverse families.

            Families are indeed important to society. Parents help lessen negativity by teaching their children about the different cultures and races of other countries. If children are made aware that everyone is different and that not everybody may agree with their own ideas and opinions, the society will experience less discrimination and cultural problems. Everything starts with the family, which is why it is important that parents know what to teach their children.

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