How Democratic Was Germany at the Turn of the 20th Century?

I believe that Germany was not democratic at all as they made they’re citizens believe that they were. Germany had tied to be democratic to show on the surface that they gave the people freedom to vote for who they wanted to. In this essay I will explain my point of view on this essay and what other people might believe and think in response to my opinions. Many people would think Germany was democratic as they allowed men over the age f 25 could vote every 3 years.

This is a form of democracy and it does show us that they were getting somewhere and that they did understand half the definition of “Democracy’. I believe from the statistics given that Germany was sexist and might have believed that women and younger adults weren’t intelligent and that women were supposed to be at home doing chores and looking after children, as they have for decades. This practically shows us that there was no equality. Another point would be that only the Kaiser (Emperor) could dismiss the government.

He could not Just dismiss it he could dissolved the parliament (Reichstag) if the plans did not go to his way, this resulted in no democracy what so ever. But yet many other would respond to this and say that Germany did have political parties which actual people could vote for. For an example in the late 19th century the conservative party had won but yet in the 12th SPED (Social Democratic Party) won with 110 points. This does show a great form of democracy but not enough to prove that they were as one third of the votes went to the Junkers. There were ‘t many Junkers compared to Peasants and it shows the unfairness of their process to brain wash people at the time.

There are more cons then pros and it truly makes people think what democracy really is, and if the country that they live in is a real democracy or a play put on for them to feel safe and feel the sense of freedom given mentally and not physically. To end my conclusion I feel that a quote would do perfectly, Max Weber (German Sociologist) “No person with any aspiration to real power would seriously consider becoming a member of parliament in Imperial Germany. “

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