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How did the Nazis spread their ideas to the people? Essay

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The Nazis were very clever and intelligent when it came to spreading the message to the people. Not only did they use technology but they knew how to get into people’s minds.

The method the Nazis used to spread idea was used 70 years later from other people that weren’t the Nazis. Nobody came up with this idea before and even when the Nazis used it, nobody used it anyway. Until then politicians spoke for hours and hours saying endless speeches, many people didn’t like them.

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How did the Nazis spread their ideas to the people?
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People were bored and didn’t want to listen to their ideas.

When Hitler first started to do speeches (in the beer hall) he wasn’t that type of person, what he did was completely different. He organized very short speeches, and especially very simple speeches that gave the message right away. He used short sentences and repeated them at least three times. This way the people weren’t bored and listened to him, on top of that they understood what he was saying because it was so simple.

This is what made the Nazis and Hitler go on top in first place, then they started using the same method with modern technology, like radios and aircraft.Hitler was the first German politician to start using aircraft as a way to spread his idea. He flew all over the country and made speeches continuously. This way more and more people knew who the Nazis and Hitler were.

He got more and more public. As soon as Hitler became chancellor, he made Goebbels Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. This meant that he was like a publicist, he controlled the image of the Nazis. He controlled radios, posters, newspapers and books.

Whatever was written on the Nazis must have been approved by him, and newspapers that opposed the Nazis were closed down.Another very important way of publicity was radio. By 1939 70% of german had a radio, and since they had a short world, all they could hear were the Nazis. That means that 100% of the people that listened to the radio, listened to the Nazis.

Goebbels also controlled that. Cinema also helped for the publicity of the Nazis. Many movies were made about the Nazis, but people soon got bored of them. The most important advertisement was image and posters.

It was the first methods used and it was very affective. Wherever people went, they saw Hitler’s face or the sign of the Nazis. People that didn’t know them became curious and soon became Nazis.In conclusion, every one of these methods were very useful.

And even if I obviously disagree with what the Nazis and Hitler believed in, I must admit that they were very, very clever on how they built their empire. They invented many ways in which to publicize their beliefs. In 1923 Germany was a destroyed country with people on starvation foreign troupes invading the country, the value of money became uncontrolled and became worthless. The biggest industries were nearly destroyed.

By 1929 Germany had become the third largest economy in the world and by 1927 the industrial production had reached to the level it had been in 1914.In only 3 years Germany recovered the industrial production in an amazing and fast way. This period is also known as ‘Golden Years’ or ‘Stresemann Years’. Gustav Stresemann was the most influential German politician and he was chancellor for only 100 in 1923 , he soon became foreign minister until his death.

The most important thing was the creation of the new money, the rentenmark, to replace the old mark which was totally worthless: finally the workers at the end of the month were receiving wedges that were worth more than only a loaf of bread.He created a very good relation with the u. vice president , Charles Dawes: America agreed to lend Germany 800million (new)marks. New factories were created and new jobs for the people.

Really important companies were created, such as buyer and Basf, most modern technologies, Lufthansa became one of the most important air companies of the world. Stresemann forced to pay reparations as soon as possible: in 1925 the French and Belgium troupes left Germany. As foreign minister Stresemann reached Germany to join the league of nations and signed a treaty with soviet union. In 1928 Germany signed treaties with 60 other countries (Kellogg Briand Pact).

The treaty said that these countries would never go to war against one another. At the end of the same year, Stresemann was awarded with the Nobel price. But only one year after he died in October 1929. But he had time to let Germany to a complete recovery from the disaster of 1st world war.

Germany was now a peaceful country democracy was very strong, Berlin was a beautiful city to live and to enjoy: many painters, writers and cinema directors were living there. But the most incredible thing was that between 1918 and 1933 Germany won 60 Nobel prices for science.

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