How Does Golding Make This Moment in the Novel Powerful and Significant

How does Golding make this moment in the novel powerful and significant? This extract appears in chapter 5 and this happens just after they have been talking about what the ‘Beast’ might be. There are many ways Golding express’ the characters personalities, such as him being powerful through the language. We also see on various occasions’ significant changes relating to the themes, there is an advance in the amount of fear and lastly arguably the most important characters have been explained further which shows this is a powerful moment.

In this extract we can see jack real aggressive side really being express because in earlier parts of the novel we can see him acting in an uncivilised manner and comes of across as rude and unfriendly and this mainly to the ‘big’ characters like piggy and ralph. “Shut up fatty” this was said to piggy in the very first paragraph when they first met.

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Going back to this extract a powerful word used by Jack is ‘Bollocks’ this word is powerful and significant because this really emphasises Jack’s character because this word is the first real powerful phrase that can be identified as dark and evil it also shows that Golding is trying to show the readers that Jack has a lack of respect but this might foreshadow what will happen later on in the novel.

We can also see that Golding is building up a significant ‘battle’ between Ralph and Jack; it is like they are both trying to be the Alpha male. Lastly I would like to touch on the way Jack is selfish and how Golding really makes this a significant point because before in the novel Jack was positive about rules but when things don’t go right he doesn’t approve of having them “Bollocks to the rules” and “who cares” shows how his view on the rules have changed.

Golding in this extract shows us that there is fear growing. The characters are starting to have arguments much more and a significant amount tension and the main example Is Jack and Ralph talking and bickering about the rules. Also he makes this extract powerful in it being in the place it is. This extract is just after they have been discussing what the beast might be so already there is tension.

This might be why Jack is in one of his mood because he is trying to look “professional” in front of everyone and he has this argument with Ralph just to show that Ralph is not going to bring him down and this is powerful because it shows that the characters are beginning to unsettle and are starting to find life in the island is hard In conclusion I strongly believe that Golding make this moment in the novel powerful and significant by making tension on the scene by making key Characters Jack and Ralph go against each other to make the reader want to read on.

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