How Emotional Intelligence Influences Interpersonal Communication Essay

Emotional intelligence is the ability to observe and act upon one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions. Interpersonal communication is the interaction between two or more people, consisting of verbal or non verbal messages. This essay aims to discuss the connections between the two and the influences. What is emotional intelligence and what are its 5 main domains according to psychologists, Strenberg and Salovey?

What are the elements of interpersonal communication? Daniel Goleman (1995), the emotional intelligence (EI) expert, describes EI as having the power to, distinguish one’s feelings and those of others, effectively managing those emotions, and motivating ourselves.

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How Emotional Intelligence Influences Interpersonal Communication
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Furthermore he describes interpersonal communication Emotional intelligence involves how one knows the self and recognizes the goals wants needs of the.

Interpersonal communication is the non verbal and verbal acts that are exchanged between two or more people. The way that emotional intelligence influences are interpersonal communication is the fact that to be able to recognize and read the messages that others send to you, one must first have the ability to recognize them.

One must know themselves primarily to communicate effectively.

As a means of living in a world which involves us constantly with interacting with others it is a necessity to be able to have interpersonal communications skills. – Emotional intelligence underpins all communications skills. – Self awareness is one of EI’s components. – To understand the concept of interpersonal communication we must explore the ways in which we develop self awareness and self knowledge. As lack of self knowledge makes it harder to communicate.

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