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How have computer changed our live

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Computers grew rapidly and widely used through out the world.They are used to deal with many tasks due to their various potential.Therefor,they have much influence on our life.Their impact can be classified into three catogories;communication,facilities and medical care.

First of all,computer can improve quality of communication.Nowaday,barries seem to be gradually destroyed. Computer can bring people closer together and facilitate contacts between them.For example,people can comunicate with others worldwide by using e-mail.

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How have computer changed our live
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It saves their time compared with letter.We ‘re no longer print the letters ,put in the envelopes and transport them over long distances.It’s very convenient for people who’d like to send letters to other countries.Also, we can easily access to e-mail almost everywhere.We can check mail from both personal computer at home or public one.

In addition,computer can improve quality of media.Since television and radio play important role in communication,computer is main equipment to provide facilities for them.

For example,tv directors use computer to manage their program plan.For radio,cd-player are replaced by computer.Music is converted into digital file which can save time and space.

Computer also facilitate our life and provides convenience. For transportantations,it facilitate the way people travel.For example,both sky train and subway can make people move from one place to another in a few minutes even in rush hours.It saves time and relieve severity of traffic jam.

Besides,computer provide potential for improving the effectiveness of medical care. For example,computer is used to store data of hospital such as patient data and medical information.Physician and nurse can access to this data easier which result in decreasing the process of operation. In addtion,many operations are no longer manually perform ,rather computers are used to manage these tasks.For example,in laboratory, medicine invention and some operations,some tasks are done by computer instead of people.Therefor,it saves time for both patients and physicians which result in reducing delay action.

In conclusion,computer plays important role on human behaviors.It provides facilities for our life and also create effective production.


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