How I Choose My Career

When I was younger I took a interest in art. Every day I really pursued learning how to draw. I started out tracing things from magazines and books that I really enjoyed. After tracing I would try my best to draw what I just traced. I slowly moved away from tracing, and was drawing things on my own. My mother began to realize I was taking a sudden appreciation in art. So she placed me in a drawing class and a pottery class. She wanted me to enjoy myself and try to get better at what I wanted to do. In middle school and high school I enrolled myself in art classes and computer art classes.

I slowly learned how to use programs such as Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a little bit of 3DS MAX. My teacher would make us try different things in the programs to see what we liked and to learn how to use each program better. All the art classes I took were helping me to decide what I wanted to do with my career. Beginning of my senior year I started to apply to colleges, and then I started to get very nervous. I was starting to reevaluate what career path I should go down. My mind was telling me maybe art was not the right path to go down, because I might not even make a future out of it.

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I then started thinking of going into nursing. I took a college visit to see the nursing program they had provided. Sitting there for a couple hours learning what the nursing program had to offer I then realized I was stupid. I was already getting stressed sitting there listening what had to do to get in the nursing program, but after we left I still kept the option in mind that it would be a good job, because I would be able to help people, and there was always going to be job openings for nurses, and how it would good financially.

When I got home I told my mother and she was persistently telling me if I really wanted to go into that field it was my choice. She said I should really do something I will enjoy, because I don’t want to regret it in the end. I should enjoy my job, because I will be working for whatever I choose for a very long time. I started to reevaluate everything. I didn’t want to jump the gun and choose my future career out of a carelessness. I made a list of pros and cons of each career. As I was making the list art just kept sounding better and better. Not only would I do something I enjoyed, but I wouldn’t be so stressed out in school work.

After I finished the list I had way more pros to going into an art major than cons. Whereas the nursing major had more cons than pros. I took a tour of the Art Institute and right then I knew I should definitely go into the animation field. I loved drawing and making things animate. My high school class for film and animation really led me down the path to doing Media Arts & Animation, because I highly enjoyed it. Even if I struggle at first when I get out of college I know once I find a job that I fit in with, I will definitely not regret it at all.

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