How Much Do Credit Cards Companies Know About You Essay

Questions 1 - How Much Do Credit Cards Companies Know About You Essay introduction. Should there be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader job? Discuss. In this job, a simple reading and writing skills test could replace the educational requirement. While Mr. McCord’s goal of upgrading the educational level in the company is commendable, the standard of education he is imposing is probably legally indefensible. It certainly will make Judy’s job more difficult. Having overqualified persons in jobs frustrates the workers and often results in too rapid a turnover.

People with college degrees should, in general, be brought into the company in jobs that will challenge them. 2. What is your opinion of Sam’s effort to upgrade the people in the organization? Sam’s effort is probably misguided. It is not at the very lowest level where SIE probably needs educated people. If the company is growing rapidly, the need for workers, managers, and technically skilled persons should all be increasing. Lower levels of an organization should not be deprived of a proper match between worker and job in order to have more highly educated employees available. . What legal ramifications, if any, should Sam have considered? If Sam’s new educational requirements result in a disproportionate exclusion of minorities from the workforce, the company will be susceptible to a challenge on civil rights grounds. It is surprising that a human resource director like Sam could make such a mistake. It is national policy, reflected in the Civil Rights laws, that the qualifications for access to jobs in general relate to the ability to do those jobs. This attitude should permeate the human resource management practices at SIE.

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How Much Do Credit Cards Companies Know About You
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