How should the role of Catherine be performed in A View from the Bridge? Essay

In this piece of coursework I am going to write about how the role of Catherine should be performed - How should the role of Catherine be performed in A View from the Bridge? Essay introduction. I will look at how Catherine acts towards other characters. I will analyse Catherine. Describing what she is like, personality and she looks like. I will be explaining how the character playing Catherine should act throughout the play. The conclusion that I will do I will say what I think Catherine is like and how I think she should be played.

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How should the role of Catherine be performed in A View from the Bridge?
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In the play Catherine is a 17/18-year-old girl with blonde hair, blue eyes. She is a very attractive ‘big’ girl we know this because it says “Beautiful. Turn around, lemme see in the back. Oh if your mother was alive to see you now! She wouldn’t believe it” Eddie to Catherine at the beginning of the play says this. When Eddie comes home from work. Eddie is commenting on Catherine’s new look saying ‘You look like one of them girls that went to college.’ Eddie means by this that she looks a lot older then she is, and that she will have older men after her. Catherine behaves like a little girl throughout parts of the play. She is told this by Beatrice on page 30-32 an example of it is ‘because you think you’re a baby.

I told you 50 times already you cant act the way you do. You still walk around in front of him in your slip-‘ Catherine replies to Beatrice’s statement by acting innocent saying ‘well I forgot’ Another quotation showing that Catherine acts as if she was a baby, is from the same page (30) underneath the previous quotation which is ‘well you can’t do or like you sit on the edge of the bathtub talkin’ to him in his underwear’. Her personality in this play is a childish one most of the time, all though as the play gets on she acts more her age and grown up.

Catherine is a caring person who doesn’t want to hurt Beatrice by leaving her with Eddie as she doesn’t know what would happen between Beatrice and Eddie when she has gone, she doesn’t want to hurt Eddie when she goes off with Rodolfo The most of all she doesn’t want to hurt Eddie has he has brought her up form a child and cared for her as he was her dad

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