How Technology Affects Youth - Problem solving Essay Example

The young people of today are constantly using technological devices, such as cell phones, X-Boxes, laptops, or iPods - How Technology Affects Youth introduction. I think youths are facing a bad moment with the technology without noticing. One effect the technology has is a negative influence on the social lives of youth, because it keeps people from experiencing reality. Youth are losing contact face to face because even they are at a party, family reunion or hanging out friends, most youth cannot leave their technological devices on the side and enjoy the moment.

If youths are constantly being cut off from people and new experiences because of technology, our generation is dying in social life. If we never face reality by making personal relationships, experiencing things, and solving problems, we will never know how to solve any problem without help of technology. Another effect of technology on youth is youth are no paying enough attention in class or when they are doing homework.


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Youths are always thinking in what their friend or boyfriend are doing instead of being paying attention to class or homework. Youth has to have balance in how much time to spend on Facebook, YouTube, or any social media. For example youth are allowed to get on any social media but all school work and chorus have to be completed The indiscriminate use of technology is making youth not enjoy the best of life like have a nice moment with their family, friends or boyfriend or girlfriend

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