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How the Process Works “The Oxford Program”

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  • Pages 3
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    July 9, 2002Hello and welcome to the Oxford Program!Thank you for enrolling and Im sincere when I say that I am anxious to start working with you. I am very enthusiastic about what I do mainly because I can empathize with anyone going through worklife-related frustration and because I feel that I am very good at what I do.

    How the process worksThe Oxford Program is sort of a group-based, career counseling course held in an online discussion forum format. I am here to guide you and facilitate your being able to make the best possible decision. The Oxford Program involves a lot of work on your part. It is not about taking a couple of tests so that it can tell you what career you should be in. Life and people are too complex for things to work that nicely. But a career choice is one of the most important decisions we can make so doesnt it deserve your full effort? Right, I thought youd agree ?.

    You go through the program on your own and at your own pace (see below for how to go through the program in its discussion forum format). The exercises are put in a particular order and build off each other. So have patience and resist any urge to get pessimistic and give up mid-way.

    One word of adviceprint-out everything (including this) and keep it in a folder. You can also make yourself an electronic folder on your hard-drive to save the documents to.

    1) You should login at: the login information that was e-mailed to you right after you submitted your order. In general, usernames are your first initial followed by an underscore (_) and then your last name.

    You should bookmark this site in your browser to make it easier each time you want to login. Make sure you have your browser set to ACCEPT cookies or you wont be able to login successfully.

    2) Your first time at this site, click on the link at the top for general instructions.

    3) Introduce yourself in the Introductions forum. While youre there, read some others postings and reply if you like. Remember, were all in this together!4) Cllick on the Introduction/Required Reading link (the first link of the Oxford Program).

    ? You should move your way through the program in “Steps”. ? The first part of the step is to click on my first posting in the step (it’s in large letters). You work your way down the list of links of each step.

    ? Within each step are many exercises. Some of these postings are assignments for you to complete, others are required reading, others are general advice/comments from me. ? Many postings have attachments in RTF or DOC format. These are readable by most word processors. Some postings have links to other websites.

    ? If you’re like me, you probably hate doing exercises. Suspend that inclination for now because it is very critical that you do this right!? For the most part, assignments are for your eyes only. You may post them to get my/others feedback if you like (and I encourage it!)? If you want to ask me QUESTIONS, try to use the online forum for this. This is so that others may benefit from any answer I will provide you. You can post your question/comment in the Questions/Comments forum. If it looks like there is very little discussion going on, this may be due to the fact that I delete postings after a while if I don’t think the content has any long-lasting benefit to current/future students (just to keep things neater).

    ? And when you have completed the program, please follow the instructions to fill out the brief evaluation survey at the end.

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