How to Become a Computer Programmer Essay

Here is what happened, when I was in High School, I wanted to do something different like going to Beauty school or Computer School for programming. Two different directions but I was not able to decide which one to take but this is what happened. I took the train to go and join the Beauty school but when I reached there the admission office was closed for lunch so I decided to take a walk and come back later but as I was walking I saw a Computer School and decided to check it out.

I went up and met this beautiful and kind lady sitting at the reception who explained to me about the programs they have and the fees and how long it will take me to get the diploma and I was impressed on what I will get to learn for the amount of money from reputed institute. I signed up immediately wrote the cheque for my fees and I was admitted. That was the beginning of my career in Computer field.

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How to Become a Computer Programmer
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I studied at this private instituted fo 2 years and got my diploma and some hand on experience in programming and then I came to United States of America to study for my degree in Computer Science and after I got my degree I am working in Computer Science since 20 years and enjoy it each day, so do I regret not going to Beauty school? Not a bit as God had plans for me and this is it …. So if you are like me and thinking what you should do, Have faith in God and know he will guide you. I am happy with my profession and hope you all can find something that you can be good at and enjoy the work you do.

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