How to Become a Good Leader

First of all, to be a leader, is to have the ability to influence others to accomplish a goal, or an objective. How are leaders expected to behave? Do they have to be perfect? Of course not, but they should stand out from the crowd. All leaders are different, so naturally they do not behave exactly the same way. It may be true that some people are borne with natural talents . However, without practice, without drive and without experience, there can be no true development in leadership. It is important to understand there are no borne leaders.

The several skills that are required to become a good leader are having a good commitment with your team-mate, good communication skill, and good self control and knowledge of the vision of the organization. When you become a leader, you must demonstrate through your behavior a real commitment to your organization, your team and an agreed your common goals. You should set the example by aligning our actions with the values you share as a team. One of the question that you should always ask whatever group you are working with is “what does this team value? Sometimes, team can very quickly tell you all about their value, however, sometimes, teams are more hesitant to speak up because this is something that they haven’t ever discussed. It’s difficult to come together as a group and really articulate what it this you value as a group. However ,commitment that we make ,is not only figure out what we values as individuals, but to take it further and apply that to our team. As leader, it’s especially important to set the example and take the lead in making sure that we are role modeling the behavior we want to see in others.

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Besides that, you can show your commitment through devoting the necessary time and effort to establish yourself in the role. You should really care about your team and always keep your promise. You should put your time in solving the problems. In addition, you can develop a clear plan for what you propose to do as a leader. You should divide your plan clearly and know what you are going to do. Lastly, you can also show your commitment by achieving the expected results. You should always try your best to get the best result. If you can achieve the result, it can help you to build trust in them.

Communication is another important aspect to become a good leader. Good communication is required for everyone at work but it is essential for a good leader. Storytelling is one of the ways that can increase the interactions between the managers and their teams. It is one of the powerful transformational tools in the organization because it provides a mechanism by which an organization can learn from failure without attributing blame. Besides, storytelling can convey information in story provides a rich context that can remain in the conscious memory longer.

Therefore, the storytelling is more likely to be acted upon than normal means of communication. Furthermore, storytelling will build up descriptive capabilities, increase organization learning, convey complex meaning, and communicate common values and rules sets. When you share your story with your team-mate they will feel closer with you because you are willing to share your experience with them. Your experience may help them when they are face problems. On the other hand, a leader must convey his ideas in such a way that can be understood and appreciated by everyone.

Firstly a leader must understand clearly the purpose and intent of his message. He must know he is going to communicate with who and why. He should consider any barriers that he may encounter such as cultural different, age, gender or economics biases. You must ask yourself what outcomes that you want to achieve and the impression that you want to leave. Further, good eye contact is also very important. You can inspire trust and confident when you look a person in the eyes when you speak. You should also be aware of your body language, since it can say so much more than your words.

Being a good communicator the leader also needs to have the quality of a good listener as well. Please remember that you should not interrupt and be patient. You should just listens them and reflect back what they are saying, so that they will know you are heard. Then you can understand them better. You should not be distracted and focus on what they are saying. These will help you understand them better and know what they feel. You must try to accept other people suggestions. Sometimes their suggestion may be quite useful.

Besides that, you must have a good self-control. It is critical behavior for a good leader to display. The leader must have effect. Leader should be more in control of how they respond and react. So, a good leader must possess a good self-control in order to make a sound decision, meanwhile, a good leader can control their responses and reactions. When you feel angry, you need to restrain one self, be patient thinking before making decision. If you feel annoyed of your team, you should not scold them as they will feel ffended and hurt. This will affect the trust and confident between you and your team-mate. If you loss tacit understanding, how can you lead your team to work efficient and achievement the target? Furthermore, a good leader must think first and the act to avoid unnecessary trouble and wastage of resources. You must think and plan everything before you take action. In addition, only have a main plan is not enough, so must have one or two contingency plan. This can reduce the risk and have a safeguard if anything happen.

You also must consider about distribute the resources when doing a plan. You should treasure every resource because the resource is rare and some of the resources are unique. Moreover, a good leader must be able to lead your team to respond more quickly to market changes. You must be sensitive at market alternation, then just can faster come out the solution or product to cater your customer. When inflation or deflation period is the time to test your leadership skill see whether you can lead your team to tide over this difficulty or not.

For example, Toyota company . This company implement just in time policy, as they will produce when they receive required from customer. This policy is bring many benefits to the company and enables to respond quickly to market changes. Product produce by them also be able to satisfy market niches. Apart from this, you must know the vision of the organization and keeping it in mind is one of the important terms to become a good leader. You must remember the vision in mind the sole aim of achieving the target.

As I believe, all the company’s vision is ask the leader to do right thing, so a good leader must know the vision clearly vision, it will guard you not to do the wrong things and do the job well. You also should show your clear sense that you know what you are doing. When all of the follower can know clearly about what their leader is doing, then they will also follow the line. But the clear sense that shows by the leader is right things. Moreover, a good leader needs to determine the goals of the organization, the plan and the department job.

When you set all the things in your planning, and follow it, this will increase the probability to achieving the target. So, we can see a good leader know the vision of the organization and keep it in mind to achieving the target is that so important. In conclusion, becoming a good leader is not that easy and must confirm to many request. It must have such qualification like have a good commitment with your team-mate, good communication skill, have good self-control and know the vision of the organization clearly. Besides that, a good leader must be aware of his capabilities and believe in myself.

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