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How to Motivate Your Subordinates

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Exercise 15-3: Test Your Leadership Style Exercise 15-3: Test Your Leadership Style University Of Phoenix Oluwole O. Oshinubi MGT/210 August 21, 2010 The Leader/Supervisor Mix As a 50–50 type, you probably do not believe in the need to motivate others. Instead, you maintain that the staff should have a natural desire to work as hard as you do, without needing somebody to egg them on. You do your job well, and you expect the same from your subordinates.

This means that while your own level of productivity is high, you are not always sure about how to motivate others to reach their full potential.

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How to Motivate Your Subordinates
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Generally, however, you do have the ability to get others to do as you wish, without being abrasive or ruffling feathers. You may pride yourself on being surrounded by a very competent, professional staff that is self-motivated, requiring little of your own attention. But don’t be too sure: Almost everyone performs better under the right sort of encouraging leadership.

pg 272 of Improving Employee Relations

In this you will learn the way a company big or small can improve in many ways first it start with the top dog. When I say the top dogs I mean the ones who started the business that is who has to make the first move in getting things in order. Then you have to move to your managers and work with them they will then work with their assistant and so on. The key to improvement is self improvement once you work on what is missing within your job performance you can go back over what you have been train to do to understand what you missed.

Next you have to go back and check your associate to see what they are missing as well to see where they need more training in so that would help to improve in our employee so there would be less firing and more benefits and more order in the company as well. In order to get everything the way you want it to be you must start from the top and work your way down that is a part of life you can go around make other people unhappy and firing your worker because you haven’t done your job to start off with everyone should be treated equal and fairly in all types of business.

What would the world be like if everyone was treated as if they don’t matter there would be no one willing to work anywhere? Employee relations is where the employee go to get all the information the need for the company to help them along their way to become better in the work place with out there would always be problems no one would know anything about there job they are suppose to perform at all so this is a lot of help to have plus it help the managers as well as supervisors.

This is from chapter 15 just to show for what I was trying to say in my briefing some of the things that I feel that would help a company in a big way to better their company. Types of Power Coercive power Based on fear, the employee does what is required to avoid punishment or some other negative outcome. The disciplinary policies of organizations generally are based on this type of power. Reward power Based on the ability of one individual to provide rewards, either intrinsic or extrinsic, for compliance with this individual’s wishes.

Legitimate power Based on an individual’s position in the organization; thus, when joining an organization, a person accepts the fact that the boss’s orders are to be carried out. Expert power Based on the special skill, expertise, or knowledge that a particular individual possesses. Referent power Based on the personal characteristics of an individual that make others want to associate with him or her; exemplified by the charismatic individual who has traits that allow that person to control situations. pg 258) Leadership Skills Successful leaders are able to empathize with their followers. This means being able to see things from the followers’ point of view. Because leadership involves working with others, good human relations skills are essential for leaders. A leader must be able to work with followers and understand their problems. It should be stressed that possession of the characteristics described above does not guarantee success as a leader. Many other factors may affect a leader’s success.

However, possession of these characteristics is certainly desirable and it usually increases the chances of success. (pg 260) Supportive leaders are genuinely interested in the well-being of group members. Such a leader is sensitive to the employees as human beings. This leader wants to build morale, avoid conflict, and help the employees gain personal satisfaction. The supportive leader is usually very concerned about maintaining a good personal relationship with the employees.

Directive leaders focus primarily on successfully performing the work. Such a leader spends considerable time directing the employees in solving production problems. The emphasis is on getting the job done. The directive leader spends very little time providing emotional support and reassurance for the employees. A directive leader is not necessarily harsh or rude, but one who simply gives priority to work accomplishment over human feelings. (pg262) References 272 in Ch. 15 in Supervision: Key Link to Productivity (8th ed. ).

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