How to Survive the Age of Distraction?

When it comes to Johann Hari’s article, “How to Survive the Age of Distraction,” most of us will readily agree that the 20th century is very different to the 21st century. In the 20th century, books were very important and majority of the population would have their faces in books and not in electronic devices, but in today’s society, everywhere one goes one will always see a person on their cell phones, iPads, or kindles.

On all the new technology, one will always get distracted with what he/she is supposed to be focused on because of all the apps created in these modern day technologies for example Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but when having just a book, one will only be focused on that book. Books are very helpful for many people by developing one’s mind. Books are very important because they help pass time, helps write and think better, and help ones imagination. Hari states, “A book gives the capacity for deep, linear concentration.

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As Ulin puts: ‘Reading is an act of resistance in a landscape of distraction… it requires us to pace ourselves. It returns us to a reckoning with time. In the midst of a book, we have the choice but to be patient, to take each thing in its moment, to let the narrative prevail. We regain the world by withdrawing from it just a little, by stepping back from the noise,’” which is a very good reason why people should put their electronic devices aside and free themselves from the drama in today’s world which is kind of hard to do now. Very disappointing, I must say.

A book is becoming very hard to read because a person can no longer stay focused to a paperback item. Why? The reason is because the book is “being chewed by the e-book” stated by Hari. I agree because on a kindle, I can read a book without having to hold a thick item; but it’s hard due to all the other applications that the kindle maintains which is changing humanity. With some of the apps, I can communicate with friends and family no matter the distance, pay my bills online; get to know more people in the world, read a book, plus many more.

According to Hari, “He’s tempted by the Kindle- but the more they become interactive and linked, the more they multi task and offer a hundred different functions, the less they will be able to preserve the aspects of the book that we actually need. An e-book reader that does a lot will, in the end, be a book. ” If the technology in today’s world didn’t update, then books would still be important. Don’t get me wrong or anything but the internet is fun but it’s so distracting. From my personal experience I cannot focus on multiple items because of my electronic devices.

It’s kind of disappointing due to the fact that I don’t make the time to pull out a book and read it yet I’m more focused on the drama that’s on Facebook. Before I had a cell phone, all I ever did was read books and focus on everyday life. Now it’s very hard to put my phone aside for even thirty minutes. The more upgrades that the internet comes out with the more people are forgetting about books. I believe that everyone should do the same as Johann by installing a program called Freedom so it can disconnect them from the web.

Once one goes on the web, one won’t get off. Johann Hari is correct about the meaning of books and why they shouldn’t be forgotten. When Johann concludes his article with “It turns out, in the age of super- speed broadband, we need dead trees to have fully living minds” is true because we need dead trees to have more knowledge about everyday life. Everybody in this world needs take time out of their busy lives, forget about the web, television, or electronic devices, and start focusing more on that paperback book that will always look the same even in a hundred years.

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