How to Write a Case-Based Essay

Students will receive a Case Note on which to base their case analysis in response to the questions below. You will find it useful, if you do not have exposure to the case method, to review “How to Write a Case-Based Essay” [by William Ellet – provided]. Assignment questions

  1. Discuss the relationship between the capital base of banks and the 2007-2010 global financial crisis. Using your own research, cite at least two examples of real world financial institutions.
  2. Why is there a perceived need of counter-cyclical buffers. Define and discuss how counter-cyclical buffers might best be structured. Cite at least two peer-reviewed journal articles in providing your arguments.
  3. Discuss the need to include the leverage ratio and off-balance sheet assets in Basel III.
  4. What measures should limit counterparty credit risk?
  5. Discuss the use of liquidity ratios as a valid focus for international regulations.
  6. Discuss the need for various domestic regulations to supplement Basel III, explaining why some countries have chosen not to implement Basel III.

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