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How to Write a Childrens Book

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Going into this project I thought writing a children’s book would be easy, however the only way to actually write a successful children’s book is to be able to think like a child, which was shockingly hard for me to do. One has to know what a child would be interested in reading, and what pictures should be portrayed in the story to catch the eye of a child. The wording in the book has to be pretty concrete as well so that it is easy for children to imagine what they are reading aside from looking at the pictures.

In order to familiarize myself with the conventions and how to write a children’s book, I did a lot of research.

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I looked up things on the internet and I also looked through a few children’s books that belong to my little brother. By doing research I learned that children’s books are generally very colorful, there are typically pictures on every page and the font used for the words on the pages seem to match the mood of the story.

For example, if the story was a very exciting and fun story the words would typically be very big and colorful and the font would be a very fun font that is appealing to a child. Children stories are usually short. There is always a moral at the end of the story to teach children how to be better children all together.

While doing research I learned that a children’s book is typically ten to thirty pages or no more than 1000 words, but it is all related to the format of the story and how the author writes. One convention that I have seen used a lot in children’s books are animals being used as characters more often than humans being used as the characters. I researched this on the internet and learned that animals being used as the main characters in children’s books spark’s the interest of a child and keeps them interested longer more than reading a book with humans as the main characters.

Surprisingly, it also makes the story more relatable to the children. When writing a children’s book, it should be something very simple, and easily relatable. One thing I found to be interesting is that children prefer to read books that rhyme. For instance all of Dr. Seuss’ books rhyme and children have loved his books for many years. Children also enjoy books that have a small conflict in them because it is enjoyable for them to figure out how it will be resolved, there should always be high points throughout the story too to keep the readers interest.

Inspired by the writings of Anne Rockwell, Michael Dahl, and Holly Keller I decided to write a nonfiction book on the outlook children may have on career choices that they would like to pursue as adults. The authors previously mentioned have written books about nonfiction topics such as potty training, career choices, and sharing but have also put a twist on their books by making the characters in their books funny, talking animals that catch the attention of a very young child. I have made the main characters in the book a mother bear and her cub, and the voice in the book is very typical.

The voice is just the mother bear and her cub having a conversation about different careers that are appealing to the cub. Each page of the book is lead with a different career choice in the text so for instance one page reads “A musician strumming a rocking guitar! ” as to starting each page with “I want to be” I just cut it short and started each page with the desired career. The careers I chose to include in this book are some very realistic careers such as a doctor, fire fighter, and musician, and others that are a little silly such as a princess and a lion tamer.

Not only did I find inspiration from the authors that were previously mentioned, I also thought back to some of the careers that I wanted to pursue as a child and used them in the book. Because they were careers that I desired as a child I knew that they are more than likely careers children these days want to pursue as well. The book that I have written, as well as the books that Anne Rockwell, Michael Dahl, and Holly Keller have written are directed at a very young audience, ages ranging from three to six years old. Since I chose careers as a story topic I researched careers and all of the conventions of writing a children’s book.

I learned that in order for the book to be relatable to adult career’s and interesting for children it would have to include a lot of color, a mother’s love, and animals as the main character’s. The two main characters are a mother bear and her cub. The mother asks her cub what career she wants to pursue as an adult and to the mothers surprise the cub has more than a few options in mind. After rambling off a lot of different career choices the book ends in a heartwarming way when the cub tells the mother bear that most of all she wants to be just like her.

I wrote this story because after doing some research, I felt that the color, the text and the characters would be very appealing to a young audience. Not only do I feel that the book itself is nice, I tried to make the essential message that children have the opportunity to be whatever they want to be when they grow up, I wanted that to be the essential message because I think it may inspire young children to want to pursue their dreams no matter how big or outrageous they may seem.

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